Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day!

This is it! The first day of college--quite the adventure, I must say. I woke up pretty early and got myself all prettied up for nothing, really. I had checked the bus schedule the night before to see how I would be getting around the next day. I had never ridden a bus before, so I wasn't sure how they worked. Apparently, the TRAX people honestly have no idea how their company works, because they threw me off big time. I had to walk to the bus stop--the wrong bus stop-- at 6:00 am and stand there as the bus drove right by me. I was so upset! I started to walk back to my apartment and called my roommate. She was sweet enough to drive me to campus where I very easily found my way to my first class. Believe it or not, my class started at 7:00... bad idea, I know. Throughout the rest of the day, I attended all my classes: Ballet, History, Dance Conditioning, Orientation to Dance, and Modern Technique--this is the class that freaked me out. All of the modern students met in the studio and we were informed that we would have to go through a "placement audition". I had a huge anxiety attack--I just wanted to dance! (But I'll tell you a secret, I got in the class I wanted) I figured out the bus deal on the way home, but I was still kind of sad--I hadn't really made any friends, so I was really upset. I was so lonely, a thousand miles away from my closest friends and family. 
All in all, the day was decent. Not exactly a "happy ending" for this post, but hey, you can't have happy without the sad! Let's hear it for college! Hoo Raa!!