Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

So this past Friday, my two favorite roomies and I met up with our friend James and went to Trafalga! Trafalga is this awesome Chuck-E-Cheese like place, only its for big kids, too! James bought the four of us a family pack, which included 25 tokens each, four activities, and a regular sized Dippin Dots.
The first thing we decided upon was simple: GO KARTS. We must have waited in line for nearly an hour, when finally we got to race. The four of us showed our drivers licenses and got to ride in the fast go karts! We went around the track like ten times, nearly crashing into one another while our arms got sore from steering. Once we were finished, we did a round of mini-golf... where Leslie got her head stuck in the dang windmill, and James lost his ball in the stinky green water... and then dug it out.
After the 18 holes, we got our Dippin Dots and did another round of mini-golf on a different course. Later on, we went inside and watched like three 4D adventure movies. The last adventure of the night was the arcade... for two hours! We spent the last twenty minutes at the 'Deal or No Deal' game. We probably walked away with about 300 tickets from that one game alone. We left and made our way to Taco Bell, which was probably the best decision of the night--cause I was HUNGRY. But what else is new?