Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Summertime.

There are 122 days of summer. I intend to make the best of them. So I've created a bucket list specifically for Summer 2012! At least two a day, everyday, with a smile on my face.
  1. Have a Harry Potter marathon
  2. Have a paint fight
  3. Go on an early-morning run every other day
  4. Spend the day in a hammock
  5. Have a whole day reserved just for video games and siblings
  6. Catch a firefly
  7. Make friendship bracelets Done. 6/17
  8. Schlitterbahn
  9. Write a letter to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
  10. Go bowling
  11. Go out for mini golf
  12. Go ziplining
  13. Cover my street in chalk drawings 7/9
  14. Swimming as often as humanly possible
  15. Go hiking
  16. Shop till I drop Done. 6/29
  17. Underwater kiss
  18. Finger paint
  19. Go to a concert Done. 5/1 [Imagine Dragons]
  20. Eat healthy, exercise, be happy
  21. Carve initials in a tree
  22. Watch the sunrise
  23. Watch the sunset
  24. Give out free hugs
  25. Watch a thunderstorm 7/26
  26. Wish on a shooting star I don't remember when, but I know I already did this one..
  27. Spend a day on a sailboat
  28. Sleep under the stars 5/25
  29. Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away
  30. Plank (even if by 2012 it’s old) Planking ftw
  31. Become friends with a stranger  Done. As of 5/22, Valerie is my new bestie!
  32. Water balloon fight
  33. Build a sand castle
  34. Go rock climbing
  35. Roll down a big hill
  36. Water gun fight
  37. Dress up like super heroes
  38. Fly a kite
  39. Watch a Fireworks show 7/4
  40. Have a picnic
  41. Go dancing in the rain
  42. Get a henna tattoo
  43. Chase the ice cream truck
  44. Go roller-skating 7/12
  45. Go 24 hours without sleep
  46. Make a music video Done. 6/29 Team SoMo for the winnn!!!
  47. Scary movie marathon
  48. Blow bubbles 7/18
  49. Meet a celebrity
  50. Solve a rubik’s cube
  51. Make a home movie
  52. Create a summer mixlist
  53. Play tag in the morning
  54. Tell a stranger they’re hot
  55. Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  56. Have a golf cart race.
  57. Have a silly string fight
  58. Take a picture doing everything on my bucket list
  59. Leave a note on a stranger’s car
  60. Ride in a hot air balloon
  61. Be a ‘yes’ girl for a day
  62. Six Flags 7/17
  63. Learn how to play guitar
  64. Fill up an entire coloring book
  65. Superglue a quarter to the ground and watch as people try to pick it up
  66. Run a 5k Done. 4/28 [Color Me Rad!]
  67. Write a letter to a soldier overseas
  68. Bake a batch of cupcakes – super cute cupcakes
  69. Buy a bouquet of flowers and give them to mom 7/12
  70. Jump into a pool fully clothed 7/25
  71. Throw someone into a pool fully clothed 7/25
  72. Record a video blog for a week and then post it on Youtube
  73. Take pictures in a photobooth 7/16
  74. Stay in relatively good shape
  75. TP a house
  76. Buy a star and name it after yourself
  77. Have the greatest birthday EVER
  78. Road trip
  79. Camping with my best friends
  80. Record a song in a recording studio
  81. Buy a car
  82. Host a dance clinic In the process as of 6/14!
  83. Go to the temple with my family
  84. Be someone's role model
  85. Take my mom and sister to the spa
  86. Make a pool full of Jello. And swim in it
  87. Have a lemonade stand
  88. Make a mudslide
  89. Make a living room fort
  90. Have the most intense scavenger hunt ever
  91. Go paint balling for the first time
  92. Movie hop all day
  93. Send a message in a bottle
  94. Kiss in the rain
  95. Make Candy Apples with Emily <3
  96. Food fight
  97. Drive in movie
  98. Canoeing
  99. Sleep in a tree house
  100. Tie dye underwear
  101. River Walk
  102. Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
  103. Eat Panera twice in a month (since there aren't any in Utah) Done! I've gone 4 times in June!!
  104. Increase my nail polish collection by 110%
  105. Buy a bunch of useless beauty products
  106. Water balloon volleyball
  107. Have a dainty, all girls tea party
  108. Build a house of cards
  109. Baby sit the same kiddos I used to before college Done! 6/23
  110. Go fishing
  111. Learn to grill
  112. Visit a zoo
  113. Have a car wash race
  114. Dallas Museum of Art
  115. Dye my hair a crazy color
  116. Make a pvc periscope 
  117. Make Mountain Dew paint
  118. Make Rock Candy
  119. Zero Gravity
  120. Make a Hula Hoop Rug
  121. Saran-wrap someone's car
  122. Make a time capsule
  123. Chinese fire drill
  124. Strawberry picking
  125. Visit an aquarium
  126. Hop scotch 7/9
  127. Make pickles
  128. Have an Iron Chef America contest
  129. Spend the night under the stars in a truck bed full of blankets and pillows
  130. Be the first in line to see Spiderman
  131. Have Skylar teach me Karate
  132. Have an 80's movie marathon
  133. Make a best friend out of a not-so-close one Done. Marlen is even gonna be my new roomie!
  134. Reunite with my cousins
  135. Make a Summer 2012 scrapbook
  136. Have an old school "field day"
  137. Annual all girls back to school sleep over
  138. Shop at every thrift store I see
  139. Refurbish a piece of furniture
  140. Make a dress
  141. Celebrate National Dance Day
  142. Write a letter to all of my elementary school teachers
  143. Master using chopsticks Done! I'm not sure of the exact date, but I've got the hang of it!
  144. Increase my jewelry collection by 100%
  145. Convince a current friend to move in with me Done! [Refer to #133]
  146. Get a perfectly flat stomach
  147. Texas Rangers
  148. Ice Skating
  149. Go shooting
  150. Have a N64 day with Ryan
  151. IKEA
  152. Floating lanterns on my 19
  153. Play "light as a feather, stiff as a board"
  154. Buy a James Avery ring
  155. Jump into the water off a rope swing
  156. Make a Country Summer playlist
  157. Have the greatest summer EVER.