Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Top of the World

I had been waiting for this night for months. I discovered Imagine Dragons through a co-worker and fell in love. The band comes to the Provo area frequently, but I always seemed to miss them. Every time I would search for shows on the internet, they would already be sold out! Eventually, I found a show a month in advance and got my ticket that very second!
The day finally came and I was ever so excited. Matika picked me up around 6 and we sped all the way to Salt Lake! We made it just in time to get to see the start of show. Sooner than we had liked, actually. There were two openers, and I swear they took fifty hours to get set up and play. They weren't that bad at all, I was just irritated and anxious to see Imagine Dragons! 
Soon, but not soon enough, the lights in the venue went out and... enter Imagine Dragons!!
The band opened with "Round and Round", one of my favorite songs. Throughout the night, they played "Demons", "On Top of the World", "America", "Tokyo", "It's Time", "Amsterdam", "My Fault", and one of the greatest performances ever, "Radioactive"! There's a part in the recorded song where Dan, the lead singer takes in this huge gasp of air and then lets it out. So all the fans sang along up until this part and everyone in the room was completely silent. It was so cool because you could hear a pen drop, and that's not something you usually experience at concerts. 
After every other song, the band members would express how awesome it was to be in Utah, because we always give them so much love. One thing that Dan said that stood out was when he commented on how impressed he was that they were singing a lot of their older songs, and all of us new each and every word. That one got a huge round of applause. 

To be honest, I don't remember what the last song they played was, but it was pretty intense. During the last little bit, Dan jumped into the crowd and surfed for a little bit. It was funny how the second he did it, the fans all tried to rush forward as far as they could, just to be able to participate. 
The lights went out again and the band left the stage. For about three minutes after that, all the fans were chanting "ONE MORE SONG!" over and over and over until they came back out. It sure was a fantastic performance.
I was so happy to be able to attend such an even because not only do I love these guys so much, but one day, I know they will be HUGE and I will be able to say "I loved them first".