Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's Been a While

Hello Internet! Wow how time flies! I can't even count how many times I've said "Man, I need to post on my Blog!" Here's the low-down on all things Lauren these last few months:

Clearly, I didn't even come close to crossing everything off of my bucket list this past summer. So I've just decided to morph it into a bucket list for my life; for fun.

Being back in Utah has been alright. Nothing much to complain about, really. (Notice how I said "nothing much"--we'll get to that soon.) Not even two days from getting back to Utah in August, I got a call informing me that my sweet Grandma had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was so hard to believe that I just would not accept it. To me, it didn't happen. But fast-forward a few months, and there I was, crying like a newborn baby all alone in my bedroom one night. I had finally came to reality that my Grandma was/is sick--and I am so far away to do anything to help but pray. It's still a little hard to believe because my Grandma has always been the crazy, young, care-free woman that takes us to Six Flags every summer, goes swimming with us, and back in the day, she traveled from Texas to Alabama and back  again at least 3-4 times a year to see dance recitals, baseball games, and every major event in between. Why her? What a bust. Stupid stupid..

Oh, so you want to know how school is going? Hahaha, let me let you in on a little secret: Utah Valley University's registration/student services department(s) are the WORST. I applied for residency after living here for one year-got a Utah Drivers License, Voter's Registration, letters from employers, all of it-and it got denied because I went home for the summer. So they want me to pay out-of-state tuition? Uh-uh. Screwww that. So my solution? Just take some online classes through my previous community college so I'm still getting credit, but don't have to pay back my student loans yet. Genius? Why yes, I am. I knocked out Biology and Marriage and the Family last semester, and am currently one test away from being done with History 2!

Teaching at the studio has bee a hassle, I'll be completely honest. Last year I taught three classes (age 10-11, 6 and 7) once a week. This year I teach 10 classes (hip hop 1 & 2, advanced technique, tap, 3 yrs, 5 yrs, 6 yrs, 7 yrs, 9-10 yrs, and 12 and up) three nights a week in total. At first I was so ecstatic, and I honestly still am, but a lot of the time, the younger classes get so out of hand, I just can't controll them all at once. I think one time I pulled out an entire patch of hair during my 5 year old class. I have 11 of them all at once! My older classes are really improving though--my 7 year olds (who are the same 6 year olds I had last year) did their leaps PERFECTLY this past week; what a feeling!! I'm sure all of the girls in each of my class will finish the season splendidly; because, let's be honest- they have the greatest dance teacher on this planet. No matter the stress level, this will always be my favorite job.

Speaking of jobs, Best Buy has been quite the scene lately. We had two people leave: our moblie rep and one of the managers. That opened up two positions, so two people from the store moved into those, which opened up two more spots, and more and more, and it was just this huge chain reaction! I was ready to move up in the company, so I applied for the Mobile Lead position. I've been with Best Buy for nearly two years, and I know my department backwards and forwards. So who got the Lead spot? Drum roll, please! ................... NOT ME! They gave the LEAD position to someone who has never worked a day in mobile.. love and respect the guy, but really? After that? We lost two part-timers. And just this past Friday, lost our manager. So here I am, a simple part-time employee, having to train with the help of only two other mobile kids (yes, there are only three of us left), 4 transfers (who all came from the computers department), and 4 brand new employees, and on top of that, a new manager. Awesome. No where in my job description does it say that I have to deal with all of that, but I guess if I want to move up by summer or so, I'm gonna have to fake it all and just deal with it... wish me luck. There's my rant on that.

Just barely a week ago, I took up a sort-of third job. Ever heard of Advocare? I had been hearing things about it for almost a year, and how people were losing weight, and keeping it off, so I finally decided I would try it out. I signed up to be a distributor and got an automatic 20% off, and got all my supplies for my 24 day challenge! I just started Friday, March 8 and two days later, I've already lost 5 pounds. I will most definitely post more about this adventure as the challenge goes on. And I didn't even do this on purpose, but guess what my 24th day is? EASTER SUNDAY!! WOOO!!! I'll be home then for a week, and celebrate my success and favorite holiday with my family! How fun!

So there's the spill. Here's to hoping that I'll be more consistent with my bloggy blog from now on (haha yeah right)