Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Like Summer

This summer has been awesome. SO. AWESOME. So awesome, that I'm just now getting around to writing about it because I've been so busy. I'll start from the beginning.

While teaching in Utah, I became particularly close with one of my students who is now one of my closest friends. This was her senior year, and I had been away for the whole thing, so I decided I would surprise her and show up to her recital/graduation. I flew in early on Thursday and stayed with my HamFam. I have been their summer nanny for two summers now and we're basically family. Love them so much. I got to the Covey Center and was as cautious as possible. I made the mistake of parking across from Sam, though. OOPS. Just as I turned off the car, Sam was walking to her car, and I had to duck, on the double. I swear I sat there for 7 minutes before I checked to see if she was gone. Luckily, she was. As I was walking toward the entrance, I heard "SHUT! UP!" she was walking back out to her car and spotted me. Best reaction ever. I got to be the backstage manager for the show, which was great because I got to see all my former students. I can't believe how much they've grown. Especially my little 6 year olds (that aren't 6 anymore). 

I stayed for the next day and a half and attended Sam's graduation, went shopping and spent some quality time with the Hammons (p.s. Emily has an amazing blog you should all check out), and I even got a job. What? I should mention that my tonsils had started swelling up the night before I left for Utah, and I had no voice for the rest of the weekend. So when Cierra called me to ask to set up an interview, I had to let it go to voicemail, then I very unprofessionally texted her back, explaining that I literally could not speak, and that I was leaving the next day, but would love to meet up. I interviewed and got the job on the spot. I'm just that good okay? BTW, if you've never had Sodalicious, you. have not. lived. I recommend the Funky Cold Medina with a Big Fat Crispy. 

After my short weekend in Utah, I came home and got ready for my studio's showcase. I only taught one class this year so it wasn't very stressful for me, but I made sure that I was ready and willing to help out with anything I could. Cody and I had backstage crew duty. Oh, and I performed a solo. NBD. (you can watch it here) This piece was a dedication to my dear friend Spencer, who died in January. 

Now it was time to pack up again and leave to Utah for the Summer. Yay! I had missed it SO much, ironically. I used to always say how I couldn't wait to get back to Texas, and I wouldn't miss it all all. My, how the tables have turned. I took this trip alone this time, and it went by a lot faster than I thought it would. It was actually kind of fun, and freeing to road trip alone. I got a lot of time to think, sing like a crazy person, cry about all my problems.... and no one was there to judge me. Win. 

Once I got to Utah, Sam met me at my new townhouse and helped me unpack, then the next day, Keith took me to the Neon Trees concert at UVU. It was more like a sort of music festival like Warped Tour, and Keith and I mostly just sat in the chairs and caught up with one another while enjoying the music from a distance. 

I taught a couple dance camps, worked at Sodalicious and nannied for the Hammons. We went to the pool a few times, but mostly stayed at the house this summer. James started growing his own garden and it's just so adorable. He's so amped up about it, and so determined to grow the best produce. He even set up a little farmer's market outside his house to sell some. Shelby got a haircut, and Max just got cuter. I didn't think that was possible. But it happened, okay? Max did not like me the first couple of months last year, but he warmed up to me. I was so worried he wouldn't remember me, but he did!! He and I became pretty close buddies this summer. He's developed quite the personality. Jake and Emily were there for me when I went through something difficult, and Jake was able to give me a priesthood blessing. I'm so grateful for their friendship and I wish I could see them more often. At least I can finally say I have family in Utah!

I went to a couple of concerts, Imagine Dragons (Halsey opened for them and I had no idea. I was a happy, surprised woman), and Fall Out Boy.

I hung out with some besties.

I made new friends.

My birthday was stellar.

I went to NEW FREAKIN YORK (which will be a whole different post).

I went on zero dates.

And I'm still alive.

R.I.P. Summer '15