Monday, February 29, 2016

"I'm not dead yet"

Hello friends and family!

So I tried alligator this week. That was interesting.

I can't believe how quickly time is going. Saturday was officially one
month from the time I entered the MTC! And guess what else I realized?
That same day, January 27, is the day I was baptized! Can you say

Is week was again filled with so many cool experiences, it's hard to
just pick a few. I did get to see my MTC sisters at trainer follow up
in Orlando and that was so fun!!

We have been teaching this family (a mom, three daughters and a son).
Sister Crowley met the, a while ago and when we were on exchanges a
couple of weeks ago, she wanted to stop by her place because we were
in the neighborhood. The only problem was that she didn't remember
which house was hers. But Heavenly Father knew! The first house we
knocked on was right. We taught them the restoration that day, and
gave them all BOMs. Her kids are awesome; her oldest is 15, in drum
line, and loves 1D and 5SOS. So we have some pretty good
conversations. This week we read the introduction page of the Book of
Mormon with them and helped them understand its importance. When we
invited them to read it and pray about it, her youngest daughter, who
I believe is 11, raised her hand without hesitation and said she would
do it. Be still my beating heart. The mom said that she found the kids
actually reading it together a few days prior. Okay fine, we'll
baptize your whole family.

Another investigator we've had for a while, we'll call him B-Money, is
progressing so well. We've already set a baptism date for him and
we're working towards it! He's had three brain tumors, so he has some
memory loss and struggles to remember what we teach him sometimes, but
we got him a priesthood blessing and he really is remembering so much
better now. He never forgets my name though. He calls me "Yan" and
thinks I'm Asian. He always says "ne how" (if that's even how it's
spelled) and bows to me. But hey, at least he remembers me.

We volunteered at a place in Melbourne on Wednesday called Daily
Bread. We're hopefully going to be doing that weekly, which is okay by
me because I loved it. It's a facility for homeless people that offers
breakfast and lunch, showers, and other means to help them get jobs.
When we left the cafeteria, this funny old man yelled out "three
pretty ladies! three pretty ladies!" and when we walked out the doors
"what did I dooo!?"

I wanted to share a little something I heard in church yesterday:
"You cannot lift another soul until you are standing on higher ground
than he is. You must be sure, if you would rescue the man, that you
yourself are setting the example of what you would have him be. You
cannot light a fire in another soul unless it is burning in your own
-Harold B. Lee

I hope we are lifting others the best we can, but not without first
taking care of ourselves. I encourage you all to nurture your own
testimonies. I hope you are spending time in the scriptures as well as
in meaningful prayer, for that truly is the way Heavenly Father speaks
to us. Submit to Him and allow Him to help you.

Being a missionary has completely changed my outlook on this life. I
live every day to tell the others the truth and joy I know because I
know the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all and pray for
you daily. Thank you for your constant love and support. Until next

Sister Yance

I was so happy to get THREE packages in one day! Shoutout to mom, Katie, and Sister Holloway!!

Oopsie, Sister Crowley and I are twinsies.

Monday, February 22, 2016


we went to a member's house for dinner and just LOOK at their cat!
we bought girlscout cookies from a few sweet girls in the neighborhood! Tender mercies!

Week 2 in the Field!

Hello family and friends!

This has been another eventful week! Today has been a great P-Day so
far-we got up extra extra early to go to the beach! We had a little
testimony meeting and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful! I loved
being by the ocean. I think I'll just move here someday, k thanks.

We've done a lot of finding this week. We talk to everyone in our
path, which is really helping me learn to bike in a skirt. Pedaling
isn't so hard, but stopping and restarting are just not graceful at
all. You should try it sometime.

The members in my ward are amazing. They are so great at coming out to
lessons with us and especially feeding us. I swear there are mashed
potatoes at every other lesson. I'm okay with that. It'll just burn
off during my bike rides anyway!

We have three investigators set on baptism dates and we're working
very hard to help them reach that goal. It motivates me during
personal study to really search for how I can help them. It's amazing
how my companions and I receive the same personal revelation for them
too! This truly is the Lord's work!

We met with a less-active this week who has been having a really hard time lately. She has seizures and she actually almost died last week. She said she had been praying and crying all day to Heavenly Father in tanks for saving her life so many times, and that she felt to bad for not being better than she was. She needed help, and then we knocked on her door. Boom. Missionaried. She said something that I loved: "God gives good piggy back rides". Doesn't He though? He picks us up and carries us through those times that we just can't get through alone.

Sorry this one is so short. I'm still trying to get myself organized.
One hour to email just isn't enough!!!

I love you all and am grateful for your support!

❤️Sister Yance

Monday, February 15, 2016

First Week in Florida!

Well, I made it here in one piece!
I was so excited when our plane began descending and I could see
nothing but TREES for miles! God bless the Southland.

My first area is Palm Bay 2 West! I LOVE it. And guess what! I'm in a
trio! My companions (Sister Crowley and Sister Christensen) are the
best and we were basically made for each other.

So if you send a package, try to send it through USPS so the mission
office can forward it to my current address, otherwise I have to wait
several weeks to get it. And that would make me sad.

This week has been very eventful! My bum is pretty sore from biking
too. But at least my legs are getting nice and toned. Sister
Christensen makes sure I drink lots of water, which is good for my
body, but bad for our lessons because I have to go to the bathroom
every thirty minutes. It's an adventure.

I have been learning so much this week it's incredible. I love being
in the field. It's overwhelming sometimes but I just keep telling
myself that I'm not expected to know it all right this second. I'm
just doing my best to love the people and follow the example of my awesome companions. 

There were two really amazing experiences I had this week that I'd like to share, briefly:

Friday night, we went to McDonalds as usual to use the wifi and sync our ipads together. As we were leaving, a man stopped us and asked us if we would talk to his friend on the phone. We did, and we asked if we could say a prayer for him. He was so appreciative. We talked to this guy and the table and his step-daughter. This was the first time I actually got to lead a conversation without my comps guiding me. This girl is a senior in high school and is making plans for college. I noticed she was wearing an engraved necklace and I asked her about it. She proceeded to tell me how her grandfather died in a highway hit and run. I really felt for this girl. She was very close to her grandfather. I was able to bear testimony right then and there about how my experience, losing my grandma, strengthened my faith in Christ and the plan of salvation. She wants us to come and teach her sometime!!!

Saturday, a lot of our plans fell through and so we decided to visit a couple in our ward. While we were locking up our bikes at the apartment complex, a young man asked us if we needed help. We ended up talking to him for a little but and asked him about his faith in Jesus Christ. He said that he believed in something, and the conversation just took off from there. We actually ended up teaching him the whole restoration right there on the landing! It was the COOLEST thing EVER. He committed to coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon (which I gave out btw.. my first copy to give away!!) AND I asked him, when he came to know the truth of the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, if he would be baptized.

All within one hour, this 19 year old boy's life was changed. This intensified my purpose. There are so many people in the world that have no idea this exists and are looking for something to fill the void in their life. It is so important that everyone, not just missionaries, share their testimonies of this most awesome gospel. 

I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support! 
Until next week!

-Sister Yance

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Photos from week 1

First companions-Sister Yance and Sister Rogers
Sister Yance is coming to Orlando Florida
Sisters  Rogers, & Yance, and Griffiths  & Brady giving their Hearts to Florida
Look who Sister Yance found all the way from Alabama!  Elder Mobley
Sisters Rogers, Brady, Griffiths, & Yance

Elders Lamborn, Perry, and Sumsion
Sisters Brady and Griffiths
Elders Taylor and Mobley
Sisters Rogers and Yance

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week One

Hello from the MTC everyone!!

This week has flown by, but the days have been so long. How is that? I've been learning a lot and making great friends. I've already run into several people here! Sister Lauren McIntosh (she's going to Orlando with me!), Charmelle [Sister Essymba] from my home ward, Elder Keyser (who Heather told me to look out for), and I met an Elder that's from Allen that knows the Downings! His name is Elder Graham. 

Let me introduce you to my district:
Elders Lamborn, Perry, and Sumsion
Sisters Brady and Griffiths
Elders Taylor and Mobley
Sisters Rogers and Yance

I was so crazy surprised when I saw Elder Mobley in the classroom. He and I are from the same little town in Alabama. What a small world! 

The first day we had to do a gym orientation for our exercise time, and you know what they said? "NO DANCING". Well okay, you might as well just slap me in the face then. 

Your first day here, you have an orange sticker on your name tag to show that you're fresh meat (we call it a dork dot) and everyone yells "Welcome to the MTC!". 

Our days are mapped out for us from sun-not-up to sun-way-down. We have like 8 hours of class and 3-4 hours of personal/companion study. We get 3 meals a day, but can't eat in the class room, so that's really hard for me. I'm learning a lot but mostly growing closer to Christ and understanding that I need to lean on Him to help me with this work. That's been a struggle, since I'm such a do-it-yourselfer! 

I feel bad that I haven't written much and I know I'll think of 5 things as soon as I hit send, but my laundry has been in the dryer for like an hour and I'm sure they could all fit a barbie doll now so I gotta run. 

Thank you for all your support! Love y'all and next week you'll be hearing from me from FLORIDA!! I leave early Mondaymorning!

-Sister Yance