Monday, April 25, 2016

Another week gone.

Uh, it's been a week already?
This is awkward. 

So a couple coolio things from this week!
We went on exchanges with the STLs. I went to Palm Bay 1 North with Sista Prows. We met this dude in his garage while we were walking by. He and his friend were sitting there talking and I noticed he was wearing a cross around his neck. We asked "do you have faith in Jesus Christ?" He said "no." (Oh, that must be a fashion statement then.) Sister Prows said "What keeps you going?" Homeboy says "weed". Uhhhhhh..... Whattodowhattodowhattodowhattodo..
Sister Prows: "Well if you ever want to change your life, here's this website you can check out (hands pass along card)
Dude: "If y'all ever want to party, let me know"
Sister Sassafrass (aka me): "Yeah, IF that ever happens, we'll let ya know" 


We had a big Day of Service on Saturday where we painted some rooms in a foster home type place. It was tons of fun and I got paint all up in my hair. That's it, I'm chopping it all off. 

B-Money got the Priesthood yesterday and will be going to the temple soon to do baptisms! Woo! We're actually going on a temple grounds tour this week with some investigators. My homegirl Rachael is coming and I'm so excited! She's so cool and I can't wait to be there with her!

We have this super solid investigator, Darrick, and his cute son, Darrick Jr. They're both very religious and love having us over and reading the Book of Mormon!

We've been teaching this adorable family, a single mom with three young girls and a boy on the way. The middle girl picked flowers for Sister Skousen and I and we wore them I'm our hair. Oh my gosh I love kids. I want one okay. 

We did service at Daily Bread again, this time at the thrift shop (what, what). We went to lunch across the street at this dope place called "Mustard's Last Stand". I don't even like hot dogs, and this place was the BOMB! I got a junkyard dog which had chili, cheese, fries, ranch and grilled onions. It was heavenly. 

Today has been a wonderful P-Day!! We went to Brusters (praise the Lord) and ULTA. It's about dang time! I miss make up. Oh, so much. 

Things I despise about being a missionary:
1. Every time I hear a good song in the store or when some thug pulls up next to us with his gangsta rap (free sin) and I can't pull out my phone and Shazam so I can find out what song it is so I can use it in my dance classes 😩
2. Only being able to listen to music on I hate the stupid EFY CDs. I've made up my own words to some of them. I've also made up spoofs about the gospel set to the tune of worldly music. Gotta stay sane somehow okay.
3. Backing. In the words of Amy Poehler, " I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I'd rather be shot in the face than back another missionary vehicle." What? She didn't say that? That's weird.
4. Not being able to wear purple lipstick.

Things I love about being a missionary:
1. Being a missionary
2. Loving literally everyone. Seriously.
3. Seeing MIRACLES every. day.
4. All the free food ❤

I love and miss you all! Thanks for the support! 

-Sister Yance 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Week of Miracles!!

Seriously though. First miracle was the fact that I NEVER play any
sports with my district/zone on P-Day. I gave into the peer pressure
last week and played volleyball and LOVED IT. I've been talking about
how excited I am all week just to play again today. I have some gnarly
bruises too. S'cute. People asked what happened to me and I told them
Sister Skousen beat me up. They didn't believe me though. I sure hope
this doesn't turn out like "The boy who cried wolf"...

We met this cute lady named Danielle who is 7 months pregnant and
needs help around her house. So we went over on Tuesday and helped
fold laundry and cleaned her bathroom. She has three daughters who are
just SO ADORABLE. She's actually related to our investigator family.
Its kinda crazy. Most of their family, meaning THIRTEEN people, came
to church yesterday. MIRACLES. One of her girls asked me to show her a
video of God and then wanted me to show her where her classroom was
for Primary. Oh my heck. I can't handle the cuteness. And Tay is set
on a baptism date! He's only 11 and has such incredible insight of all
the things we teach him.  I'm telling ya, the Lord is preparing people
for the gospel!

We had a referral from to go visit this lady but she wasn't
home so we asked her neighbors if she still lived there and one house
had the door open and we knocked and this little girl said "My best
friends!" And came up to us and talked with us for a while. He grandpa
came and spoke with us and told us she had autism. She is the sweetest
thing. We showed her a picture of Jesus and she said "when can I meter
him?" So. Tender.

We were looking in our area book for people in our neighborhood hat
previous missionaries had taught and we hopped on our bikes to hunt em
down! We met this really cool guy on his porch and basically taught
him the restoration right then and there and set an appointment to
come back later this week! And then we met Lisa who said she had
always wanted to read the Book of Mormon!

Yesterday we visited one of my favorite people, a less active sister,
and got a referral to teach her neighbor and we did and the spirit was
so strong. He has some amazing stories and he even sang us a song he
wrote about God. Oh my heavens it was incredible!

Oh and I got my Flat Stanley from my cute cousin Clay! We've already
been on some adventures! Today we're going to play ultimate frisbee
with my Zone!

I love you all!

-Sister Yance

Me and Flat Stan, The Man
Some smurfs that stole my camera.

Monday, April 11, 2016

"That't the first bath I've taken all year!"

B-Money is officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints!! Woo! It nearly didn't happen though. We had
another run-in with the adversary trying to stop him from being
baptized and I literally bawled my eyes out for two hours Friday
night. Seriously, I have to carry them around in my bag now. But it
happened! We sang "When I Am Baptized" at the service and I could
barley get any words out because I was so choked up. Talk about
embarrassing. And B-Money's son came to the baptism as well! MIRACLES.
Oh and the quote from the subject line is what B-Money said when he
came out of the water. Gotta love that guy.

We've been visiting a less-active lady, Sister S, and she has made
some pretty amazing improvements! We invited her to come out to some
lessons this week and she accepted! She ended up coming out for an
hour and a half longer than we had planned, and afterwards she
couldn't stop talking about it! She LOVED it! MIRACLES, I TELL YA.

We met Owen a few weeks ago and finally got to teach him his week
(with Sister S) and it turns out, one of his step sons is a member! He
got baptized as a kid and went to scouts and everything and hasn't
been back for decades. What are the odds?! Owen has two other sons
that sat in on the lesson- an 11 year old who really really wants to
join scouts and a 38 year old. The latter has Down syndrome and is the
funniest, sweetest guy. Every time we extend an invitation (come to
the baptism, church, scripture study) he is the first to say, without
hesitation, "I'll be there!" Love it. Before we took off on our bikes
when we came the second time, he told Sister Skousen "I like you...
Can I call you?" She said "You can call me 'Sister Skousen!" Good one.

I got to see my "mommy" this weekend!! Sister Crowley and her family
came for a visit and it made my week! Especially since it had been a
rough one! Her family is totes adorbs.

Dealing with the fact that B-Money wasn't getting baptized (as of
Friday night), and feeling that heartache, that frustration because of
his far he had come and how his life has changed for the better, and
how the influence of others can truly take a toll on us put in
perspective for me of how our Heavenly Father must feel when we know
what we are supposed to be doing, yet choose to disobey. I hope you're
all doing everything you can to follow God's commandments because I'm
here to tell you: that disappointment is a terrible feeling and I
don't want to do anything to make my Father in Heaven upset. It bites.

Anyway. I love y'all dearly and look forward to your emails!!

Sister Yance

1: B-Money's baptism!!!
2: Vero Beach Zone (aka literally the best Zone in the mission)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ankle Biters

A.K.A. Mosquitoes

Seriously, I'll be surprised if I don't come home looking like the
Elephant Man from all the bumps and bruises I have! Sometimes they
itch so bad I scratch til I'm bruised. Oopsie.

Well I'm officially leading out my area and no one's died yet, so I
guess that's an accomplishment. I've actually been very surprised with
myself on how decently well I'm doing. Not to toot my own horn, but
just to say that I've been well trained (shout out to Sister Crowley
and Sister Christensen) and prepared for this transfer. The Lord has
helped strengthen me tremendously. I was absolutely TERRIFIED to have
both of my trainers leave me at the same time, but I'm humbled now to
know that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to be leading this area
(shout out to Heavenly Father).

My new comp is Sister Skousen and she is the bee's knees. She's a
dancer, so that's dope. I hope she's not better than me (jk) (or am
I?) She's been out for 9 months, is from Arizona, and is super sweet.
I'm so grateful that President Berry is so in tune with the Spirit
that he is easily directed who to place people together with. We've
already had some interesting adventures. When we were serving at Daily
Bread, we took a 20 minute break to eat lunch and a guy came up to us,
pointed at us, and said "Christians?" with a big smile on his face. We
smiled and said "yeah!" He nodded and walked away. Alrighty then.

B-Money texted us Wednesday and basically backed out of getting
baptized. Crap. I cried. And I cried some more. It felt like I was
being broken up with, but worse. I felt like a failure and that
everyone would be disappointed in me and it would be all my fault.
Well we went to his usual hang out, McDonalds, and found him there. We
sat down and talked for a while about some events that had happened
that morning. He was just really stressed out with some things going
on at home and family. We told him how when we are about to do
something good, Satan will try even harder to get them to not do it.
We reminded him of how much he's changed since meeting with the
missionaries. He said he would still get baptized, because he loves
God. He said he felt a lot better afterwards and he just needed to get
some stuff off his chest. Boy, was I glad our schedule was cleared up
so we could come to his rescue!! Funny how Heavenly Father does that.
We plan for hours in a week trying to figure out the best way to do
things, where to go, who to see, but He has other plans.

We now officially have three people set for baptism! Including B-Money
😄 Jose is progressing super well and had some solid questions about
the Book of Mormon when we met with him, which means he's been
reading! We taught Billy (who I call Big Mike because he reminds me of
the dude from the Blind Side) about the Plan of Salvation, but could
only get through half of it because he was so astounded when we talked
about the Atonement. He actually asked if we could stop there for that
day because that was a lot for him to process. He just couldn't
believe that Jesus Christ loved him so much that He was completely
willing to suffer and die for him. It was a beautiful lesson. I loved
watching him trying to comprehend the selfless act Christ went
through. It was very touching. #missionaryworkisthebest

Rachael, my homegirl, came to General Conference! And she loved it. I
love her so much. From the outside, one might think she's
intimidating, but she really is the most tender human being. She is an
outstanding mother of 7- and single, at that. Her kids are all amazing
as well. I had told her when we first met about my grandma, and when
Paul V. Johnson gave his talk about resurrection, she nudged me. I
told you. She's my homie.

I hope you all loved Conference as much as I did! It was like drinking
from a spiritual fire hydrant. I'm just over here like "OKAY, OKAY!!
so pumped. Something I've been focusing on this week is being exactly
obedient. That's a big deal in the mission life. At first it was
frustrating to adjust to ALL the rules. Especially since, unlike most
missionaries, I had lived on my own for three years and just did
whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was my own boss. Elder
Holland's talk was one of my favorites (duh). One of the last things
he said was "Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do
wonders among you." That goes perfectly in line with what I've been
studying lately! I've been reading about the Stripling Warriors and
have hung onto every word-it's like watching an action movie. All I
need is popcorn. There are so many spiritual truths found in those
chapters (mainly Alma 56&57). When Helaman asked them what they
thought about turning back to fight the Lamanites, they responded that
they knew God would preserve them. Later, in 57:21, it says that they
obeyed every word with exactness, and they were blessed because of it.
There is a lesson to be learned here: as we obey the Lord with
exactness, He will strengthen us in the battles we face in life.
Russell M Nelson said “[You] will encounter people who pick which
commandments they will keep and ignore others that they choose to
break. I call this the cafeteria approach to obedience. This practice
of picking and choosing will not work. It will lead to misery. To
prepare to meet God, one keeps all of His commandments. It takes faith
to obey them, and keeping His commandments will strengthen that
faith...Obedience allows God’s blessings to flow without constraint.
He will bless His obedient children with freedom from bondage and
misery. And he will bless them with more light.… Obedience to the
commandments of God will provide physical and spiritual protection”

I know that as we follow ALL of God's commandments, He will bless us
immeasurably! I have seen that again and again in my life, and know it
will be the same for all of you.

I love you dearly and am forever grateful for your support. Have a
fantastic week!

-Sister Yance

Someone lost their weave... The things you find in Palm Bay.