Monday, May 30, 2016

📸📸📸More Pichas

i <3 Florida sunsets. & landfills (jk)
i'm almost 23 and still get excited for the rainbow bubbles in the car wash, okay.


4 Months!

What even is this strange magic? How have I already been on my mission for 4 months??!? Ya know, sometimes I'll just zone out and think to myself: "holy crap.. I'm a missionary" When did that happen?

This week was so great! (When has it not been?)

This email is probably going to be all sorts of out of order so be patient/.

We had Zone Conference on Thursday and holy cow it was so incredible. It was President & Sister Berry's last one so that's depressing. But cool thing/ tender mercy that happened at Zone Conference: President Berry showed us that Chewbacca lady video and I CRIED. It was so hilarious! P. Ber said he wanted to show it to us because of what she says at the end: "it's the simple joys". He told us that we need to remember to have FUN in missionary work!! Well not to worry, President. If there's one thing Sister Lolo knows how to do, its have fun.

Last p-day we had to take our car to get a bath because of car checks. Well... all of the missionary vehicles down here have monster bike racks on the back and the guy (who spoke as much english as a squirrel) told us we couldn't go through with it on. Well we have no idea how to take it off. So this homie runs inside and gets a ton of tools and comes out and takes it off, after like three tries and four cars lined up behind us. Then when we were done, he put it back on. And it was less wobbly than before so #tendermercy. We told him thank you and gave him a pass-along card. Pretty sure he thought we were giving him our number. #SisterMissionaryProbs

I am really loving YSA. The members here are so great. So loving and willing to do almost anything for us Sisters. And they feed us on ocassion so that's nice. Philip, Rex, and Esteban (who isn't a member, isn't really an investigator, but he's freakin awesome and comes to church every week because its "fun") took us to Chipotle and we had a great time. I love hanging out with the guys. Makes me feel right at home. These are my people, I'm tellin ya.

I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and it went surprisingly well, considering I didn't have a ton of time to prepare. When I sat down, I realized that I hadn't touched on half the things I wanted to! A member told me afterward how much he enjoyed it and I told him I was mad at myself for not talking about the other things, and he told me: "that's what the Spirit does, Sister Yance". *Smack in the face* It's so true. I'm grateful that I have the Spirit with me, or else this work would be literally impossible.

In preparation for my talk this week, I read/listened to a lot of conference talks. One was by Boyd K. Packer entitled "Spiritual Crocodiles". If you haven't heard it, stop what you're doing and check. it. out. Changed my life. He relates an experience he had in Africa where he went to watch the animals and wondered why the lions didn't drink from the elephant tracks (puddles) like the rest of the animals. The tour guide told him "Crocodiles". He said he couldn't even see it, and there was no way a crocodile could hide in that shallow of water. But sure enough, after looking for a while, there it was. Ready to pounce on the first thing that stepped near the puddle. It's like that in life with all the bad influences. They're ready to pounce on us and take hold of and control us. That is why our Heavenly Father has given us Parents, Leaders, and heck, even the Commandments to keep us safe from all of that!

Love you all!!

P.S. Happy Memorial Day!!

(Top to bottom) Esteban, Rex, Philip and us at Chipotle!! Too much fun. Rex & Phil are fireknife dancers and it's too legit.

Saw my sweet Sistas at Zone Conference!! Sisters Griffiths & Brady

Monday, May 23, 2016


We went through our area book this week and found this guy named
Dalvin, who had been taught by missionaries a year ago. He looked
promising so we dropped by. He answered the door and we said "we're
the missionaries!" He said "amen". Then throughout the next hour and a
half discussion (yes, a whole 90 minutes), he said "amen" literally
every 8 seconds. He wanted to show us a scripture in the bible and he
said "say amen when you're there". I turned to the scripture and said
"amen!". Sister Grover turned and said " I'm there". He didn't speak
until she resentfully pushed out an "amen" 12 seconds later. Oh boy.

Well this week has been pretty deece! It was a pretty long one though.
Literally on Friday I thought we had missed P-Day. It was rough.

You may or may night be surprised to hear that I have somehow
collected over 30 skirts already on my mission. So I've challenged
myself to wear a different skirt-a different outfit- every day until
I've gone through them all.

I'm typing this email up on my front porch and this lizard just ran up
next to me. He says hi. Lizards are literally EVERYWHERE out here.

I've also challenged myself to do a butt-ton of push ups every day. I
started out at 40 and now I'm at 60. I plan on being at 100 by next
Monday! I can't risk gaining any mission weight! It terrifies me. Feel
free to send me some T25 DVDs or something.

So three transfers ago, this area was covered by elders only. Now it's
sisters only. And we live in the same apartment that the elders used
to. Needless to say, Sister Yance had spent the majority of her
personal time cleaning up this mess of a residence. Seriously I've
been throwing out Mac n' Cheese that expired in 2009. Okay. And also
tons of sunscreen and other food and medicine and just a bunch of
junk. It feels oh so good to get rid of it all. Is it weird that I
really actually enjoy cleaning?

We visit with a lot of members in the branch and teach them lessons.
One of my favorites is Philip. He is so flippin awesome. He's getting
ready to go on a mission and so we brought him a brand new Preach My
Gospel. He lit up. It was precious. He was so excited. We had him
teach us the restoration, and he crushed it! We discussed the very
first point of the lesson-the very first thing we ever teach
people-that God is our loving Heavenly Father. I told him how if
people don't understand that, then nothing else we teach matters. And
it won't matter to them until they grasp that very first principle. It
is so true. He was so tender and told us how people have their agency
and sometimes they won't come to church or keep up with the
commitments we give them. He said "so don't get discouraged sisters,
you're doing great!" Wow. I needed that. Philip also taught me a new
word : Fwam. It means like dumb, or stupid in Samoan. So obv. I've
been using it a lot.

The Elders Quorom president asked us if we would teach their class
yesterday. So that was interesting. We taught about member missionary
work and had them role play inviting a friend to FHE or church. They
loved it. And to be totally honest, I loved being in there third hour.
Those are my people. I'd hang out with a bunch of dudes over a crowd
of girls any day. #sorrynotsorry

Also, I'm giving a talk next Sunday on "The power and influence of
example (good and bad)" so I mean if anyone's got any grand ideas,
feel free to send them my way.

I am LOVING being a missionary. It's hard. So fetching hard. But it's
the best decision I have ever made and I thank Heavenly Father every
day for putting me through the trials He has because they have molded
me and prepared me for this great work.

I can literally feel your prayers on my behalf and I want you all to
know I am so truly grateful for them. They are being answered, for
dang sure. So keep them coming ;)

I love y'all! Keep writing! I love hearing from you!

Here's a clip from FHE last week! We had a lip sync battle and this is Philip doing his best impression of Cyndi Lauper. (Branch President sent this to me btw, I'm not being dis-o okay)

Sister Yance

Video has arrived

1. Day 1 of my wardrobe challenge. I call this my Florida outfit.
2. Got my hands on two righteous goodies today: a box of 50 fruit snacks (for only $6, shout out Target) and my new shirt. It speaks to my soul. (In case you can't read it, it says "I know guacamole is extra". Story of my life)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Change is Good

Hello from the heart of the FOM!!

I have survived my first week in the Wetherbee YSA branch! Did you
catch that? I said branch. It should actually be a twig cause it's so
small. We cover the entire stake so we spend a lot of time driving.
And stressing about our mile allotment. But it's all good.

We had a couple of interesting experiences this week:

1. We were teaching a recent convert outside of his complex clubhouse
and this lady come up to us and asks if we're talking about the Bible.
We said "yeah!" We talked for a minute and she said she saw
missionaries in her home country all the time but never had the chance
to talk to them but always wanted to! MIRACLES.

2. We car contacted this guy and did our usual "do you have faith in
Jesus Christ?!" This guy. He goes "a zombie?!" Uhh sorry what? "That
guy died and came back to life! He's a zombie!"
That's a new one.

So the thing that's hard about this area is that we only teach YSA
(young single adult, ages 18-30 for those that don't know) and it's SO
hard to find people. I mean, we can talk to everyone, but we just have
to pass them off to the missionaries that cover their area. But other
missionaries give us referrals so that's nice. It's just rare. And
when we contact people that look YSA age, we have to ask "how old are
you?" Some of the guys we talk to get the wrong idea. I'M NOT HITTING

My new companion is Sister Grover! She's pretty bomb! She is from
Idaho and LOVES the outdoors. She is a powerful teacher and has a
stellar testimony. Especially when it comes to Joseph Smith. She and
her family visited Carthage Jail (where Joseph Smith was shot and
killed) when she was 5. She said that is where she gained her
testimony and knew that he was the prophet of he restoration. Pretty
cool huh? I love every time she talks about it.

First day here was ROUGH. All of our appointments flaked, including
dinner. Typical YSA. It's definitely been an adjustment. Sister Grover
and I prayed extra hard the next morning to find someone that was
ready for the gospel. And guess what? The first person we talked to
that day is coming to FHE at the church tonight! Her name is Jasmine
and she's so sweet and precious. She said when we walked in the room
she got really excited but was too shy to say anything. Good thing I
told her her hair was cute.

I'm so grateful that the time for my mission is now and not 3 years
ago when I had originally wanted to go. I had so much more I had to
learn and experience. I mean think of it: working in retail really
helped me get good at talking to people, and I worked for Harley
Davidson which a ton of people down here are in to, and some other
unique things that helped prepare me for this great work and for the
people I'm sent to. Thanks Heavenly Father, you're the best.


Love y'all!
-Sister Yance

1. we're hardcore okay.
2. our cute new shirts.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello there!

My brain's a little dysfunctional today so forgive me if I'm a little all over the place.

So it's official: I'm getting transferred. Tomorrow I'll officially be serving in Weatherbee YSA Ward. So that'll be weird. Man I swear, waiting to find out where you're being transferred to is like waiting for your mission call all over again. So I can't wait to do that ten more times.

Rachael's family came with her to church yesterday! It was awesome! Earlier this week when we taught her, she told us that we've been able to answer every question she's ever had and that meant a lot to her. 

Someone else we taught this week told us she was going to ask us something, because she trusts us and knew we would have the answer. That blew me away. I just kept thinking how big my responsibility is. No pressure.

I failed to mention a few things from last week: Saturday was full of bible bashing. What an adventure! Also. We were biking past this house that had two huge dogs chillin' in the front yard. As we rode by, they got up and started running toward us. But they were chained up, so it was alright. JUST KIDDING. One of them snapped the cord and ran right after me! My life flashed before my eyes. He was nipping at my ankles as I was peddling-I couldn't peddle fast enough! I turned down the nearest road to try to lose him, and Sister Skousen just kept going straight down that road! She was staring at me as we continued to separate. I swear it belonged in a movie. Eventually the dog found a tree to pee on, so all is well. 

A family we teach has a Down syndrome son so and he called me his girlfriend. Sorry fellas. Also, his answer for everything is "Jesus". And he always volunteers to say all the prayers. It's cute.

Also I have a gift. We were biking to a referral appointment and I asked Sister Skousen what she thought he was like. I said that he had brown hair, clean shaven, and he's in college studying engineering. She said he's a little chubby and asked me if he had glasses. I said "no". Michael opens the door: brown hair, clean shaven, no glasses, and he'll be studying engineering in the fall. WHAT? That's not all. I had a feeling I'd be serving in a YSA Ward sometime on my mission and here I am. AND. I predicted that my new companion has dark hair and is from Idaho. She is. Okay now I'm scaring myself. 

And Orlando (B-Money) got to do baptisms for his family at the temple this week. It was so great.

Anyway, I love and miss y'all! Thanks as always for the support!


Sister Yance

Displaying IMG_1671.JPG
1.Orlando and us at the Temple!!

2. District P-Day!! I love these goobers!!

Pictures that I forgot to add last week!

1. Me and Rachael at the Orlando Temple!!
2. District! Elder Lavin, Creer, Clark, Dummer/ Sister Skousen, Prows, Nix, Yance

Monday, May 2, 2016

Ultimate Friend Zone

We ran into our foreign exchange student friends and they had a couple
other buddies with them. One asked why we are called "Sister". We told
him that because God is our Heavenly Father, we are all brothers and
sisters! One of them said "ah, the ultimate friend zone". Priceless.
Sorry mister, I'm a sister.


I got a new lipstick at ULTA on Monday and that made me very happy.
It's called "1993" so naturally, it's perfect for me. (Shout out Uncle
BJ, it's a pretty bold addition to my collection)

Random note: it is currently down pouring as the sun is brightly
shining. Welcome to Florida.

Tuesday was rough because I woke up with some gnarly swollen tonsils
and was just not having it. I sucked it up though and we went to work.
Thank goodness we did because we contacted a referral who asked us
"why don't more people believe this?" RIGHT?! Her name is Cathy and
she is so adorable. By the time 3 o'clock rolled around, I was
basically dead- a zombie. Literally we were in a lesson and I was
sleeping with my eyes open. #Winning We got THREE people on a baptism
date, including my home girl Rachael! Woo!!! One of our members got an
answer to her prayer during our lesson so that was sweet.

Wednesday was interesting day because we basically did nothing all day
but service and a temple trip. But that's okay because RACHAEL CAME!!
She was so excited when we told her we wanted to take her on the
grounds tour. She got to sit in the lobby and she loved it so much.
She made friends with the member that drove us. She texted us and told
us that was the most peaceful she had ever felt in her entire life.

Thursday we went on exchanges again and Sister Nix came over to my
area. We taught our investigator, Darrick, and he accepted his baptism
date too! So we now have four people progressing toward their baptism
dates! MIRACLES.

I had a pretty rough night Thursday night into Friday. I was upset
because Sister Skousen got a call that she would be training again
which basically means I'm getting kicked out of Palm Bay. Not. Cool.
Especially after such a fantastic week. I mean I knew I wouldn't be
here forever but I'm not ready to go yet!

Rachael came to church yesterday, a less-active we've been working
with bore her testimony, and little Sofia got baptized. It was a
beautiful Sunday. Sofia was so happy and I was so happy for her! She's
a dancer, so naturally she's awesome.

I've been taking my time as I've studied Helaman 9-11. I've learned so
much but only have time today to share this part:
I came across a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott that really put
things into perspective because we teach this all the time: "The Lord
heard His servant’s supplication and caused the famine to cease, but
not until the following year. This event illustrates that the Lord
hears our pleas immediately but then answers when, in His wisdom, we
will benefit the most from His response". Oh my lanta how true that
is! And it goes along perfectly with a quote from my favorite talk:
"We can trust that He will help us, not necessarily in the way we want
but in the way that will best help us to grow." -Jean A. Stevens
I testify that our Heavenly Father always hears our prayers, and
because He knows and loves us perfectly, He answers them the way and
at the time He knows will benefit us most. We just have to be patient
(I'm one to talk :-))!

Thanks for the love! Have a super great week and shout out to all the
Mommies out there! Happy Mother's Day!!

-Sister Yance

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