Monday, September 26, 2016

Cheese and sprinkles.

Aimee, a 5 year old in my ward, told me I should use that saying more
often. So I am.

She also got really sad at dinner when her dad asked her mom to say
the prayer and she said "but Heavenly Father can't hear my spirit!"

Can I tell y'all a secret?

I mean I love all of you but...

DANG I HATE EMAILING!!! There's always so much to talk about, but I
can never gather my thoughts because there's so much going on in pday.
Ugh. Kms.

But hey it's been an awesome week! Sister Anderson is a savage
missionary and I love her guts. She sets such great goals and always
achieves them... Who's training who?

Here's a funny story: a few weeks ago at Stake Conference, I left my
keys in the chapel. In DeLand. Which is an hour away from Palm Coast.
So the DeLand Elders called us to tell me they found my wallet, which
my keys are attached to. I didn't even realize I lost them and we were
like 30 minutes away already (we carpooled with someone). So they gave
my keys and wallet to Sister Clark, and she and President Clark drove
all the way to Ormond Beach to bring it to me. President said "Now I
know it's the Sabbath day, but we used all your money, stole your
identity, and maxed out your credit cards." He's got jokes. Then in
his response to my weekly email last week, he asked "have you seen my
wallet? Just kidding!!" I love President Clark πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

-we met a lady knocking doors this week (πŸ˜’) named Karen and she was
super nice and excited to see us. We had a nice conversation and she
invited us to some "Cry Out" event at her church on Friday night. So
we said we'd go if she came to the women's general conference
broadcast. It interesting experience. They were praying for
the country and the election so that was super awkward because as
missionaries, we aren't supposed to talk politics. We just stood in
circles and prayed. Then they started praying for MISSIONARIES to be

-STEPHANIE. We met her while we were hunting for some members that
haven't been to church in a while. She was this member's father's care
taker. The member had just barely left and it was perfect because we
had the opportunity to sit down with her and teach her about the Book
of Mormon. She was SO excited. We told her about General Conference
TODAY???!!" Yes girl!! Ooh I'm so excited to teach her this week.

This is really short and lame. But I'm alive and loving the mish!

Sister Yance


Baby Anderson and me at the beach this morning ❤️

Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to the Labrynth, Baby Girl!

A.k.a. Palm Coast, FL. I swear this city is a huge maze. Just take a
look at google maps and you'll see what I mean!

Well Monday was awesome because one of our less-actives we've been
working with is a massage therapist, and boy is she a good one. She
gave me and Sister Ross foot massages and I was in heaven. It was much
needed, that's for sure. Especially with the crazy day I was about to

I had so many things to get done Monday night for my trainee. I
cleaned up the apartment some more and made her desk all green and
cute. I just wanted her to be pumped, juiced, and jazzed to be here! I
also left some notes on her bed.

Monday, September 12, 2016


 -Some cool missionary kids & the Title of Excellence. Idk what my

hand is doing.

-I find the coolest stuff at Habitat (our weekly service project).

-A ponytail for your enjoyment

-Ate like a queen last night. Yes that's banana pudding. I was saying

all week that I was craving it and low and behold, someone fed it to
us yesterday. Tender Mercies

Mighty BIG changes.

Let me start with Thursday- we had our Zone Training Meeting, and the
Zone Leaders had asked me to give a training and conduct a role play
about being Christlike in our calling. They gave me three scenarios
(1. A missionary gossiping to another missionary 2. An active member
[not bishop or ward mission leader] asking to take the elders and
sisters out to lunch together-which isn't allowed in our mission, and
3. A missionary responding to a hard rejection) and told me I had to
be the instigator.. Of course. They're putting my dramatic sassiness
to good use here in the FOM. So I prepared my training and was mostly
ready on Thursday. Until I saw President and Sister Clark walk in. Oh
crap. This was going to be crazy. Then when the first missionary gets
up to give his "Adjusting to Missionary Life" thought, he talked about
how we each have our own gifts and talents. He said "I may not have as
good as a hairline as Elder Acevedo, or can deadlift as much as Elder
Reeves, or have as much attitude as Sister Yance..." Thanks for the
shoutout bro. Now I was super nervous. President has never witnessed
Sister Yance in all her sass. So the time came for me to give my
training. But I just acted as I would with any other group. The role
plays went really well as I called up random missionaries to duel my
attitude. I "gossiped" to Sister Carter about how I didn't like one of
our ward leaders. I "created conflict" between a companionship of
elders and a companionship of sisters. And I was a FULL BLOWN "jerk"
to Elders Hill and Tracy (that one was really hard because I love
those elders so much and I'm pretty sure I scared them.. But it was
just a role play so...) It must have gone well because President came
up to me afterward and told me how much he enjoyed it. That's a

So President Clark called me Saturday morning.. He told me he had a
new assignment for me. Sister Ross and I jumped and looked at each
other with terror. My stomach filled with butterflies. He was going to
ask me to be an STL. Oh crap. No no no. Please no. Nooooooo. Sister
Training Leaders are great and all, but I like being just a regular
old sister missionary, thank you. "Sister Yance, I think you are an
outstanding missionary and I need you to be a leader in the mission.
I'd like for you to be a trainer."


Okay so I know I've been saying that I want to train for a while, but
now I'm flippin' scaterriferrned (sacred + terrified + frightened). I
could go into detail of why, but I'll spare you of all that. I'm
really excited, and so very humbled that the Lord trusts me with this
new missionary. I just pray with all my might that I can do justice.
Ugghhhhh I'm shivering while I type this.

We had a little photo-fun last night to celebrate:.

-Waiting for my greenie to get here like...

Sister Clark and I at Stake Conference. The woman is a BABE!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Surprise. It's me again.

I would just like to start off this email by saying... HOLY CRAP ITS
ALMOST FALLπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Well, it is in the stores at least. I spent a good while in the candle
aisle smelling all the pumpkin spice and apple cider candles. I'm
stoked. But it's still pretty dang hot here in Florida, so...πŸ’πŸΌ

What a great week it's been! I mean, it's always a good week when you
wear the Lord's name on your chest every day.

My area was not affected by the storms, but we did get a butt ton of
rain. Thursday afternoon, we actually got a call from our Zone Leaders
telling us to stay off our bikes and stay inside because the weather
was about to get bad (which it never did)... So Sister Ross and I
found this game tucked away in the entertainment center and played it
the rest of the night. It's called...


Just kidding. It's "Celestial Pursuit", which is like Trivial Pursuit
but it's all about the gospel and scriptures and church history and
stuff. It was actually pretty fun. And very informative. Here's a
candid shot:

It's not soliciting. It's salvation.

Cause lizards need salvation too okay.