Monday, March 27, 2017


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I think I'm gonna be Mormon.

Guys guys guys. This week has been so good. How was yours? Good? Good. 

Is everyone aware that it's almost Easter?? I hope so. Because it's the best holiday on the planet. I'm SO pumped. BREAK OUT THE JELLY BEANS AND CADBURY MINI EGGS. Be still my beating heart. *passes out from excitement*

Okay I'm back. 

We have a limited amount of miles we can drive every month, and the whole Zone gets together on PDay. Well everyone except for those that don't have the miles to go every week. So Sister Reid and I chilled at the clubhouse and emailed. Right after I had a nice long nap. Man, I never should have broken up with naps. We go so well together. 

We had dinner with the Mills which was a party. Sister Mills cracks me up. That lady's got jokes. 

We then had a fun General Conference Prep FHE with the Rolons and it was a good time.

After that, we were off to exchange with our Pleasant Hill North Sistas!

I had the blessed privilege of spending the whole day with Sister Jamison! Remember a few weeks ago when I told y'all about the brand new sister missionary that gave me the huge hug her first day here? That was her! And she is STILL that pumped about being in the field. I love that girl. She's going places. 

First thing that morning, we taught the Call family the restoration. They're very active members that we've added to our list of families to teach. It's been so awesome to teach members the lessons. It really helps them remember how wonderful the restored gospel is. Sister Call cried throughout the lesson and at the end, asked us if we had a copy of the Book of Mormon that she could give to her neighbors. So I guess you could say these member lessons are working. 

We visited one of our less-active sisters whom I love dearly. I just don't love how she lets her dog lick her lips. If I only could have taken a picture of Sister Jamison's face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

We had lunch with the Leguizamons. It was TACO TUESDAY! 🌮🌮🌮 So yummy. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we got to he step of baptism, the daughter told us how she doesn't want to get baptized because she's afraid of water. The struggle. She's got a few years to outgrow that☺

We had a nice little companion study, called some friends to follow up on their commitments/confirmed appointments, then we went a-knockin. Sister Jamison's goal was to offer service, so we did. The first door that opened was a sweet lady named Krista. She told us she was just sorting laundry up stairs so we could help with that! 😳 What. This never happens. We offer service all the dang time but everyone is always "fine" 😒 NOT TODAY! We sorted her sons' clothes into different baskets and it took me back to my nanny days (shout out to the Hammon Family ❤). We just talked and she asked us a lot of questions. She was somewhat familiar with the church. She was just the sweetest lady! We're going back to visit her on Tuesday!

We had dinner with the Nielsons and got oranges for dessert. That was perfect for two reasons.☝🏼I've eaten so much junk food lately its beginning to get ridiculous and every time I look in the mirror, I can hear Edna Mode from The Incredibles saying "my [gosh] you've gotten fat. ✌🏼I had a headache so they offered some relief. 
They were cold okay. 

We dropped by a former investigator I had found in Areabook a few days prior. She wasn't home, but her husband and mother were! Orlando let us right on in. He was SO nice. He is just always smiling. He told us "I'm atheist, but I'm a really nice guy". He wasn't lying. He gave us water and we all talked for a while. We ended up teaching him and his mother in law the entire Plan of Salvation and it was awesome. He was so intrigued. There's a lot of potential there! 

We had to run home to grab Sister Jamison's stuff so we could exchange back and I realized we hadn't taken any exchange pictures!! 😧 I forget about that part sometimes. So we dropped everything and had a mini photo shoot. I call this series "Las Naranjas"

I thought the orange filter was a nice touch 👌🏼

We exchanged back real quick and set some fun, inspiring goals, then Sister Reid and I ran to see the newest missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! 
Elder Christian Robles had just been set apart! He was my branch mission leader when I served in Wetherbee YSA and his mom is in our ward. And now he's a missionary! AH I'M DYING.

We sorted a lot of scrubs at A Place for Grace. Someone just donated a butt ton of brand new scrubs. I've never seen so many scrubs before in my life. How many time do you think I can say "scrubs" in one paragraph? There were a lot of scrubs. So many scrubs. 

Okay I'm done. 

During lunch, our friend Caleb switched things up and instead of playing High School Musical, he played Tangled and Frozen. He serenaded Sister Reid and I with "I See the Light". Then he told me I had to sing "Let It Go". Y'all. I didn't sing it. I PERFORMED it. I stood on a chair at one point. Can I be on Broadway? I would die. 

We had our first lesson with Nelly, the sweet lady Hermana Klein and I met on exchanges a couple weeks ago. And y'all. Lemme tell ya. She is so hekka prepared. She read the pamphlet. And she was following along super well. She said the closing prayer and said she hopes we keep coming back. I love Nelly. 

After District Meeting, we went to find a former investigator, but she didn't answer the door. I could hear someone across the street making some noise, so off we went. We met Randy in his garage while he was stripping aluminum from some old windows. Turns out he's going though some hard times. We had a great conversation with him. He said he really wants to be more of a disciple. He said he wanted to come to church and he's going to read the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how many people are being prepared for the gospel right now!!

We visited the Elliotts and played a fun game of "Don't Eat Pete". It was super good for the boys. Attention activities are great. 

Then we had dinner with the Pecks. We played a quick game of "signs" and I completely ruined it 😑 typical. Also Sister speck looked at my shoes and asked "...what size shoe do you wear?" 
She nodded and said she'd be getting me new shoes 😫 they're really worn out. I wanted to make them last 5 more months!! 

We taught Josh and Bryanna the Gospel of Jesus Christ, straight outta 2 Nephi 31. It was a good time. There was a really powerful, spiritual moment there at the end. 

Sister Reid and I gave a fun training at Trainer Follow Up about keeping sacred records (aka Areabook). It was a blast. President was making jokes right and left. I love that guy. 

After planning, we had a lesson with the Vega family and we read 2 chapters from the Book of Mormon. It was so great! We also filled them in on General Conference and they were pumped! Yass!! 

We dropped by and visited the Clarkes because we hadn't seen them all week. Spring Break threw off our groove. We had a good visit with them and taught them a bunch of stuff. They're excited for Conference! 

We taught the Pokipalas then met a member that has no idea he's a member. 

We stopped by the Ortiz Family because it'd been a minute. They had us rollin. John told us how some other "missionaries" came by earlier in the day and were sharing their message, and John says "I'm sorry but I'm going to be Mormon." Even though he's never actually come to church 💁🏼 Haha but I'm fine with it. He also told us how he owns 13 pairs of the same pants because he just likes them so much. He kills me. 

That night was the Women's Broadcast! Ooh it was so good! Nelly came! And I'm pretty sure she cried a couple of times because I saw her wiping her eyes. The Spirit, y'all. It was a good broadcast and I got some good revelation. 

THE CLARKES CAME TO CHURCH. AND IT WAS GREAT. Our ward planned a special non-member friendly sacrament and it was beautiful. The Clarkes loved it. Gary leaned over to Sister Reid and said "I think I'm gonna join this church". Amen! 

Our ward has been having a Book of Mormon reading challenge to see what auxiliary could read the most and the Young Men won. And they got to silly string the Bishop. 

After church, we dropped by Orlando again because he missed our appointment the day before. We taught him and his daughter and her friend. It was funny. He's awesome and I'm pumped to keep teaching him. 

Man y'all! It's been a great week. We've met so many new people and have seen a lot of miracles! I'm so blessed to be here. Now it's time to throw in my favorite pair of shoes. 
They did a pretty good job for 14 months! 

Sister Yance

📸📸📸 (One Week Late)

  • my sweet friend Sister Olsen and I at Zone Conference! 
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  • My arch of Elders. 
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  • Getting my finger checked out 😏
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  • I made Sister Reid an fancy concoction of random stuff and called it "sick tea". She actually drank it. Wasn't terrible I guess. 
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Holy Ghost Party.

Sup everybody. It's been a pretty deece week. Lemme tell ya bout it👇🏼

It was pday of course. We just had our typical email party at the Wetherbee chapel. Except this time, I taught my good friend Elder Breeden how to break dance. Cue picture progression:
It was a fun time. He's a trooper. 

That night we had a little Family Home Evening with the Brown family! We taught her the Restoration and their little girl, Olivia, was being antsy, so I had her hold our little cups we would use to build up Jesus Christ's church. She helped us build it, then she looked at it and said "let's knock it down!" and pushed it all over! Hahaha that was going to happen eventually, anyway! 
We've been teaching  some of our active members the missionary lessons to remind them of how flippin awesome the gospel is and to inspire them to share it! It's been great! 
We also taught the Pokipalas the Plan of Salvation. It's always a good time at the Pokipalas, hahaha. 

Ohhh, what a fun day. It was Zone Conference! After a fun morning of car checks, we got some good training from some awesome missionaries! Then. THEN. It was my turn. Y'all. I was SO excited to give this training! I was a little nervous to stand up there in front of half of the mission, but once I got going, I felt awesome! The Spirit really took over. The Assistants had asked me to train on "Using the Book of Mormon to show the truthfulness of the restored gospel". And boy, did I ever. I learned SO much while I was preparing this training- mostly that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. True story. 
I had a lot of interaction in my training and it was just a fun time! I LOVE giving trainings! In the beginning, I did a demonstration of how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion, and it holds everything together. So I had 9 elders come up, one of them being Elder Chapman, who is a giant. He stood in the middle and held the Book of Mormon and the other elders stood on either side of him, facing outside, showing off one of the pamphlets. I had the elders all lean against Elder Chapman, and when I gave him the signal, he stepped forward and all the elders fell down. Because when you take away the Book of Mormon, everything else goes with it. That's why it's so important to gain a testimony of it first!! Man. I just had a blast giving this training. Maybe I went over in my time.. by like 15 minutes.. oops. I just had a lot to say! Anyway. It was fun. 

That night, we were invited to teach activity days! That was fun fun fun. They're so cute. 
I would like to be in activity days again, please. 

We had dinner with the amounts that night and Brother Mounts told us all the things you can use listerine for.. it's like the new coconut oil. He also shared his incredible conversion story with us and it was just what I needed. Heavenly Father is so aware. 

We had service at A Place for Grace and since the Elders usually do service there on Tuesday, but we had Zone Conference, they joined us! It was so fun to serve with them. I love being around the elders. It makes me feel like I'm back home with my group of guy friends. Mostly because they're so immature. 

Just kidding. 

After service, we exchanged with the Buena Ventura Hermanas and I brought Hna Klein with me to Lake Nona!! We had such a fun time. We had dinner with the Collinsons and their little boy, Wyatt, and I had a dance off. That kid is an amazing MJ impersonator. 
Our appointment with the Clarkes fell through because they were sick. So I was very sad about that. But it's okay because we were able to meet some cool people! 

We went out and did some finding, but that is never crazy successful on weekday mornings. So before we came back for companion study, we got some froyo.
❤ froyo. 

After companion study, we did some yard work for a member. It was cold. And I could only use my left hand to pull weeds. That was an adventure. 
When it's 60 degrees and you're freezing.. 

Then we exchanged back and took hood pictures.. 

I had such a fun time with Hna Klein. She is such a hard worker and I wouldn't even mind if we were companions someday. 

Sister Reid and I went to teach the Elliotts about Ordinances to help them each progress. Brother Elliott was doing his warm up for his work out the whole time so that was... interesting...

We had dinner with Sister Howell and then she drove us over to the Relief Society activity! We did a painting class and we al painted lighthouses in a storm. I forgot to take a picture of my finished product.. I'll send one next week. It turned out pretty decent. 

Sister Reid and I went to Urgent Care to check out my finger. They took some X-Rays and turns out it wasn't broken. The doctor actually had no idea what was wrong with it. She said maybe it had some twisted or stretched ligaments in it or something. She just gave me a splint and didn't even know how to put it on. 

What a day. 

After some planning, we had a lesson with the Clarkes and it was just awesome. Every lesson with them is great. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And guess what. Gary is legit in the Book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon. What. Ashley has been reading too! MANNA FROM HEAVEN I TELL YOU. Gary was telling us he knew that Satan was trying to get behind him on Sunday when he was getting ready for church. He had every intention of coming, but then he got a respiratory infection. He knows!! He's so solid. 

Then we went to visit our friend Bryan, who lives in one of the many gated communities in Lake Nona. It's ridiculous. Anyway. The guard said to us when we pulled up "let me guess.. y'all are going to the party!" 
"No! We're missionaries!"
"Oh now that's a Holy Ghost party!" 
Then while he was checking Bryan's address he was singing "AINT NO PARTY LIKE A HOLY GHOST PARTY CAUSE THE HOLY GHOST PARTY IN HERE!!!!" 
Sister Reid and I were dead after that. 

We visited with Bryan for a minute and he's been reading and praying! And he wants to come to church next week! Yas!!

We taught the Clarkes again with Sister Dimambro. We taught them about Obedience and "Spiritual CPR" (church, prayer, reading scriptures). We gave them their baptism timeline and they were pretty excited about it! Gary is already referring to himself as a member. Who is this guy? 

We taught Tony, our new investigator, the Restoration and it was awesome! He is very prepared! He had questions about why we're here on the earth and what the purpose is. So we have him some homework (Alma 40 and the Plan of Salvation pamphlet) and will be back to share more!! 

Then Sister Merrill took us to lunch at TOASTED 😋 I love that place. It makes my heart so happy. I met a couple there that's from Texas and we're going to teach them soon! It was super cool to meet them!! 

I took this picture of the bathroom door because, well... it's me.
Sister Reid and I have determined that my bladder is the size of a grape because every time we come home at night, I have to bolt to the door because I have to pee so bad. Sister Reid edited the picture to better suit me:
So accurate. 

Sister Reid and I have both been sick this week, and Saturday, she was just having a hard time. Poor girl. We got her some medicine and had to call it a day. We had our study and planning and I made her some herbal tea to help her throat. Then we went to bed early. It was much needed. 

We had ward council and church. The Clarkes didn't come because Gary's son p, who's in the military, came into town and surprised them 😒 UGH. WHY. 

But! I got to see this angelic human! 
LISA (Sister Skousen) came to visit with her family and I got to meet them! So that was cool. 

We had another meeting after church with our ward mission leader, then Sister Reid and I had dinner with the Majdalis and Sister Merrill. Then we went to visit Victoria, but she wasn't home! Ah. Boo. Then our day was gone. 

Well that's about it. Nothing too crazy. Sorry bout that. 

I love being a missionary!!

Have a good one y'all! 
-Sister Yance