Monday, May 29, 2017


  • Baby Schwendinger!

  • our friendly neighborhood cat, Jack. Jack Black.


We literally live on a campground.

  • Our backyard ❤ 

  • This lake is like 78 steps down the road. I'M IN LOVE.



This week has been absolutely WILD. Whitewashing is crazy stuff. And my situation is quite unique. The Lord loves to do that to me. I'm training a brand new missionary, trying to figure out this Facebook proselyting thing, and taking over basically a whole new area. The Deland Stake just reorganized all the ward boundaries and we got dumped on. We have literally 57 people in our teaching pool. Sounds like a dream, but it's overwhelming. We inherited a ton of investigators from other areas and now a lot of them haven't been seen for a few months. NEGLECT IS NOT COOL. Ahhh I'm going crazy. The ward itself is great though. They have a great desire to do missionary work and I LOVE that. There was a Spanish branch here but they dissolved it so now half of our ward is Spanish and I LOVE it.

Man. God loves me so much. I get to train a sweet new missionary, help build up a new area, bike all the days to burn mucho calories and get a tan, and learn some more Spanish. I seriously couldn't think of a better way to stay focused on these last few months of my mission. He knows. HE KNOWS.

Well before I dive into the details of the week, allow me to introduce y'all to my awesome new comp, Sister Schwendinger!

Ten fun facts about my newborn:
She's from San Diego, California
She worked with a bunch of exotic animals before her mission. So dope.
Her favorite food is carbs. Like me.
She has 7 siblings
She's afraid of cilantro
She plays piano and the ukulele
She wants to work in wildlife conservation
She's going to Africa after her mission for a study abroad and I am SO jealous
We pretty much like all the same things and I love her so much

Well I don't really remember much of Monday. I just know Sister McIntosh and I ran all over my beloved Lake Nona to take care of a bunch of things. Then we hung out with our missionary pals at the chapel. Had dinner with the Mackeys and played a couple rounds of Ligretto. Saw Nelly and said our goodbyes. I LOVE HER. Then it down poured as we drove to the Baergas to say goodbye. I'mma miss my Lake Nona fam. 6 months in an area really does something to a missionary. I hate goodbyes. I'm going to be such a wreck in August... BUT I'M NOT THINKING ABOUT IT. On to the next item of business.

Tuesday was just all over the place. We drove to the Wetherbee chapel for transfers/trainers meeting and I picked up my girl! Kimberlee, our member ride, helped us load our stuff into her truck then we were off to pick up Sister Schwendinger's bike. It wasn't ready, so Kimberlee offered to take us to lunch while we waited. We had to go back to the Wetherbee chapel to get our Facebook passwords reset because we couldn't do it on our iPads. Then we finally went back and picked up the bike and we were off to Deltona! It wasn't too long of a drive. Maybe just under an hour. We unloaded, scoped out our apartment, then were off to shop for groceries. We synched our tablets at Walmart and I was disappointed to see that we didn't have any plans for our week, but we toughed it out. More on that later. After we got some necessities, we came back home and cleaned the apartment to make it more comfortable.. clutter makes me anxious. After we made our apartment ours, we headed straight to our study room and went head first into this whitewashing business. The Sisters were kind enough to leave us a very detailed list of the people they'd been teaching, notes about our apartment, and the area. (Mad shout out: thanks for that, you two 🤘🏼) So we went down the list and just started calling people, trying to set up appointments. We also made sure to call the Bishop and the Ward Mission Leader. We made sure they knew we were here to work!

Wednesday the Hermanas picked us up and we went to District Meeting. It was pretty good. Our District is pretty deece. We had some good trainings and I was feelin pretty spiritually fed. How many times can I say "pretty" in one sentence? Hot dang.
Okay. NEXT. We went home, ate lunch, then did some more #whitewashing organization. We called all of the members of the Ward Council to let them know we'd arrived and were ready to work. FIRE. We talked to our neighbors and made some friends! We had dinner, went to ward coordination then talked to as many people that we could at the church. And I actually remember most of their names. The Spirit is so dang cool. That night we taught Sister Davis. She hasn't gone to church for a hot minute but recently she's felt the Spirit prompting her to go to the temple. So we read the scriptures with her just about every night and are helping her to get there! She's made some positive strides and it's a sight to behold. She shared this really special story with us about how she knows God is watching out for her. She's the best.

Thursday we went out in the morning to try and find the 50 bajillion people we had mapped out... It wasn't successful. Boo. So after a couple of hours, we stopped at my favorite restaurant to have lunch. That's right. I'm talkin Taco Bell 🌮. I've decided that the reason I'm so obsessed with that place is because it's where my parents met. If that ain't the best love story you've ever heard, then I don't know what is. Well there may be like one that could tie for first... we took a little bit of time to clean up our Facebook accounts since we had zero time to do it earlier in the week and OH MY GOSH I was so distracted. We have to make our accounts "missionary appropriate" and so I had to hide some of my highly talented dance videos. So if you can't find them, that's why. Sorry Mom and Dad. That took a century. And I'm nowhere close to being done... this is impossible. UGH. We had some studies and then had dinner with the Bishop and his family. We share a car with the Hermanas, who conveniently live in our complex, so we only go every other day without a car. That's a blessing.
After dinner, we met Linnette, an investigator. We got to talk with her for a minute and set up an appointment for this week. We said a prayer with her and she looks up past us and looks super confused... she yells "Brandon...??! Your car is in the street!!!" Her son had left his car in neutral and it rolled into the road... kids these days... Then we met with Sister Davis again as well as her friend Connie that has joined in a few times in the past. Good times.

Friday we had an appointment with our sweet investigator, Audra. We got to know her and established our purpose. She has a friend that's a member and she had asked her for a copy of the Book of Mormon for like 2 decades and she ever got around to giving it to her. So one day the previous sisters knocked on her door and BAM she got that copy of the Book of Mormon. She has a few things holding her back with coming to church, but she's searching for peace and said she recognized that her member friend had that soo... she'll come around! We talked to a few people in the area and tried to find more people in our teaching pool. We are so busy. I'm having a literal blast. I love lists. So narrowing these people down to the elect has been a thrill. We went home and studied (we usually do studies first thing in the morning, but Audra could only meet in the morning and we were desperate to meet her, soo...). After a lot of studying and weekly planning, we contacted this referral from a member and it was awesome. More details on that later. I'm running out of time over here. Then we met with Sister Nuesca, the Relief Society President and talked about some plans. She then came with us to teach Sister Davis and Connie. It was a wonderful lesson with a full blown spiritual moment. There were tears. Afterwards, Sister Nuesca told us "I am so happy you sisters are here. I was just telling my presidency that I was sensing something good coming this summer and I think y'all are it." #payoffmoment

Saturday we had studies, training, then Sister Smith picked us up and took us to the church to have a church tour with Sister Davis and Connie. We got everything all prepped then Sister Davis informed us that they weren't going to make it... it was sad, but at least we knew where all the classrooms were!
We picked up a new investigator, got ourselves a service opportunity, and finally pinned down some people in our teaching pool! YAS. My bum is really sore though. But hey, it was totally worth it.

Sunday we had an awesome ward council meeting and a great day of church. I love getting to meet so many people! We had a yummy lunch that reminded me of my dad's Sunday grillin. Oh how I miss it. After some studies and training, we taught Sister Davis again. We gave her a picture of the temple to hang up and keep her eyes on the prize. She was so excited. It was adorable.

Well my apologies that this isn't nearly as detailed as usual. I wish I could type up my email throughout the week, but that's dis-o, so... sorry bout dat.

Sister Schwendinger and I have been going so crazy hard this week. I'm so proud of her for keeping up. She's doing a stupendous job. We've prayerfully set a goal to have a baptism on June 24. We've stuck sticky notes all over our apartment to constantly remind us. It's impossible to forget. I am so certain that we can make it happen, with the Lord's help.

I seriously love this area so much already.

Thanks for the love!!
Sister Yance

Monday, May 22, 2017


  • snowcone bandit. 
  • comp unity game strong.
  • Elder Lyon was SUPER pumped about our new mission stuff. Or he just likes to look at his reflection. 
  • Our sweet Nelly and Jessie (the miracle puppy)!
  • Happy Red Nose Day 🤡 
  • Hermana Klein was with me the night we met Nelly and she got to be at her baptism! So cool!
  • Sister Mounts had the coolest gardening hat. They wear them in the Philippines. 👌🏼 



Hello, my faithful fans. Its been a wild week here in Lake Nona. Literally every day was filled with some extravagant event. We had two of our most recently picked up investigators (Nicole & Daniel) break up with us through text, but it's fine because that just means they need to simmer in the crockpot for a little bit longer. Their time will come. I'm so antsy to give y'all all of my updates, so without further delay...

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY we hit up the Florida Mall and I found the most perfect makeup bag for myself:  
I know, you agree.

We also popped our heads into this fancy little place:
You're jealous. Don't be. I ate an extra cupcake for you. 

After some retail therapy, we went to the John Young Chapel and hung out with our other missionary friends. There's a sister in the area who lives in Wisconsin (shout out to my bff Claire 🙌🏼) but comes down occasionally because her husband does part-time work here. She called us to tell us she was in town and wanted to meet/feed us. So we went over and she made us grilled cheese (NOT with Kraft Singles). It was so yummy. The only thing I was concerned about was the pound of butter she put on each slice of bread... 😳 Good for the soul, though. Then she talked our ears off FOREVER. It was like an episode of Double Dare 2000 trying to get out of there... I took one for the team and did the physical challenge. 

After all of that fun, we tried to visit the Elliotts but they weren't home. Then their cat wanted to come home with us (it was on the porch and followed us all the way back to our car). I was so tempted. I MISS MY CAT. 

TUESDAY I had a doctor's appointment and afterwards we stopped by the mission office. It was then that I saw the most hideous thing of my entire life... So the mission office has a wall of pictures. It's all the missionaries in the field with their trainers on their first day. I remember my first month in the field I saw my picture on the bottom and just dreaded the next 18 months. It felt like I would never budge. But SOMEHOW ALL OF A SUDDEN when we went in to the office this day, I saw my picture moved over to the departures. NO NO NO NO NO NOPE NADA NEGATIVE NOT HAPPENING NO ABSOLUTELY NOT NO NO NO. I proceeded to have a panic attack while the mission office staff laughed at me as I paced around the office then sat down and put my head between my knees. 
I don't want to go home. 
I'm going to break into the mission office and move my picture back down to the bottom row. 

We taught the Oritz family that day and my heart soared. Little 8 year old Arturo told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true! "Why else would God keep sending you to us if it wasn't?" He always volunteers to say every prayer and when he does, without fail, he always asks God "is the Book of Mormon TRUE?" Man I love that family. Rachel also pointed out to us that John sounds like a squirt bottle when he laughs. THEY KILL ME. 

We had dinner with the Rodriguez family, but we couldn't get into their neighborhood! There was like a burglary or an escaped convict or something... literally every entrance was blocked off and it was impossible to get in. There were cars backed up for blocks. Kids had gotten out of school two hours earlier and weren't allowed to go in. We ended up parking and talking with people for a while. We met this super sweet girl named Angie and taught her the restoration. It wasn't the most ideal situation with 5 helicopters and a cop car at every corner, but hey, that's what the Spirit is for. 👌🏼 
We eventually made it in and inhaled dinner before we had to dip out. 

We taught Nelly! She shared with us how she knows this is the path God wants for her because at the beginning of the year, she was working and a lady invited her to her church service later that evening. Nelly told her she would like to go when she got off. So she put the address in the GPS but she kept making wrong turns. She eventually just got lost and gave up. She said "I told God that if He wanted me to go to a church, he would have to show me which one." Then a couple of months later, she met us on the street and she's been gung-ho ever since! God is so aware of His children. 

We also finally got to see the Clarkes later that night! Finally! I haven't seen them all transfer! I. LOVE. THEM. SO. MUCH. We did a lot of reviewing. The girls still haven't been reading, but Gary finished the Book of Mormon and is reading it again!! YAS!!!

WEDNESDAY we were invited to this surprise meeting with some brethren from the Mission Department (you know, like the official Mission Department all the way in Utah), Brother Donaldson and Brother Lesvarti. IT WAS SO COOL. 

They shared with us the importance of being AUTHENTIC missionaries. I loved that because that's what I've been preaching my entire mission. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a missionary tries to be a "cookie cutter missionary" when in reality, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. God assigned us to labor in our respected areas because of the qualities and traits we all have. The people we're here to teach need US, not some robot. Ah. I was so relieved when they talked bout that. JUST BE REAL. 

They also shared with us the importance of not focusing so much on drawing people to the doctrine we have to share, but to draw them closer to the Godhead. How do we do that? Well we get them to PRAY, which draws them closer to Heavenly Father; we get them to READ the Book of Mormon, because it testifies of JESUS CHRIST; and we get them to CHURCH, so they can feel the influence of the HOLY GHOST. 💥 

They also rolled out some new info for our mission which is we can use Skype to bring members to our lessons, or teach our investigators while we're at the chapel. This will be so good for the times people can't meet with us because they're out of town or have to work (we can Skype them during their lunch break). Also! If we get transferred, we can get permission to Skype into a lesson in our old area to help the investigators transition better. AND when we go home from our missions, we can get permission to Skype into lessons here in the field!!!! ONCE AN FLORIDA ORLANDO MISSIONARY, ALWAYS A FLORIDA ORLANDO MISSIONARY. #Blessed. The Lord truly is hastening His work through technology!!! We got to watch some segments from "The District 3", so that was fun. 

I wish I could recite the entire thing to y'all, but it was literally a 7 hour meeting. I have an abundance of notes. I'll share sometime.

That afternoon we did some brief finding then had a lesson with Nelly again. It was the week before her baptism so we had to keep her on her toes!!

THURSDAY we had district meeting.. in the beginning of the meeting, the Assistants called us and asked if they could Skype into our District Meeting. Well we weren't going to tell them no, so we did. And they completely took over our DM because they had some great news to tell us: OUR MISSION IS OFFICIALLY A PILOT PROGRAM FOR FACEBOOK. 

Yes. You read right. In the next couple of weeks, we will be using Facebook to hasten the work! The main objective here is getting the members involved. I AM SO PUMPED. This is glorious. GLORIOUS I TELL YOU. I'm dying. This is just what I needed to help me stay focused on the last 3 months of my mission. God loves me. 

After that very exciting meeting, we did a bit of service at A Place for Grace and it was a grand ole time. I sure do love folding them baby clothes. 

We taught the Ortiz family again and used the Church Tours App to get them excited about coming to church. I love technology.

Then we had dinner with the Torres family. We got to teach Lily and Sydney about the temple. I love teaching people about that. I can't wait to be able to spend more time there! 

We had the Relief Society activity that night. We wore big fancy hats and learned how to garden.
Just a couple of Fancy Nancys over here. 

Sister Ortiz taught everyone how to plant stuff and she got a little aggressive...
I didn't push it hard enough so she had to help me. She's scary for a tiny Puerto Rican lady! I sure love her though. 

FRIDAY we had an extra long session of weekly planning because of all of this new information. We spent a lot of time brainstorming with the Spirit on how we can use Facebook and Skype to help our people progress, and how we can get the ward as excited as we are. Man I'm pumped. SO STINKIN PUMPED. 

That afternoon, we taught Gary over at Starbucks. I get so distracted when we teach people in pubic. I swear I'm ADD. But it was still a great lesson. Gary really just wants to understand all of the LDS doctrine. He said he wouldn't want to get baptized until he knows everything for 100%. Sister McIntosh told him how you won't know everything before or even after baptism (heck, I'm still learning lots of stuff and I'm a missionary!) It sunk in a bit for him. Y'all I just love Gary Clarke. He's a character and treats us like his own children. I feel the love.

We saw Nelly one last time before her baptism! She was so excited. We were telling her all the details about the ward picnic the next day as well and she says "I will try to go, but all I'm worried about is getting baptized." That's my girl!! 

SATURDAY was a special day!!! Very first thing in the morning, we got a call from President Clark. TRANSFER DOCTRINE. Now y'all remember I've been dying to train a new missionary again for the last little bit. Well here's how the phone call went:

President Clark: "Sister Yance! I want to thank you for your service as a Sister Training Leader these last several months. You've done a wonderful job. Now I have a new assignment for you... would you be willing to train a new missionary for me?"


President Clark: "Now there are some conditions with this new assignment: you have to make her a clone of you.... and also you will be white-washing Deltona."

*passes out*

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with missionary terminology, "white-washing" is when they take out the companionship currently serving in an area and put a different companionship in. That wouldn't be so nerve-racking if I wasn't training a brand new missionary at the same time! AGH. I'm so excited and so stinking nervous all at the same time. But I'll rant about that more at the end of this novel.

After I went into my closet and prayed for a good while to have my nerves calmed and my heart quieted, we finished getting ready and were off to the ward picnic. And guess who showed up?
My main homies the Clarkes! Also Sister Dimambro. She's such a good ward missionary. 

There was a bounce house, SNOW CONES, and tons and tons of food. The Clarkes socialized for a good while! I loved it. I grabbed some chalk and drew out the Plan of Salvation while Sister McIntosh explained it to Jasmine. She was so intrigued. 

We saw the Oritz family again in the afternoon and tried to visit some other folks, but no success. Also is was 94 degrees. Ugh. Florida. 

We had a quick snack and headed to the chapel for Nelly's baptism!! It was a sweet service and she was SO happy. She asked me to talk on Baptism and at the end, I told her how grateful I was that I got to teach her from contact to baptism because it's the first time I've been able to do that. I was crying and so was she. I love this sweet Nelly of mine.
Isn't she beautiful??!

So we escorted Nelly back to the baptismal font and she told us she forgot to bring a towel. I whispered to Brother Mills (the brother that baptized her) from across the font to look in the cabinet and see if there was one in there. There wasn't but he said she could have his. So he starts to bring it over by walking through the font and I, being the blondie I am, stepped down into the font to grab it 🤦‍♂️ Nelly was quick to say "you're not the one being baptized tonight!" Hahaha I love her. My shoe was wet the rest of the night, but it was fine haha. 

After the ordinance, Sister McIntosh gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Bishop gave her a warm welcome to the ward. Afterward, he was inspired to ask her to come up and bear her testimony. She did and it was beautiful. She even said "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"! She's a pro. I love this lady.

SUNDAY Nelly was confirmed! What a glorious day. She is now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And she has the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was such a beautiful blessing she was given. I'm so happy for her. 

A family in the ward brought their friends from out of town to church and they enjoyed it! They aren't members and they're from Dallas! What!! I ended up talking to them for a while and offered to send missionaries to them and they accepted! Maybe I'll be attending a baptism in Dallas in a couple of months 😉 

We had dinner with the Mills and taught them how to do missionary work using social media (as we were taught on Wednesday). It was so fun getting them involved!

We also contacted a referral, Rebekah. She talked our ears off about her genealogy. This woman knows her family history just as well as I know a candy store. 🍭 She's being prepared! She also has a cute cat and dog so that's a bonus. 

Like I said, it was a very monumental week! I'm sad to leave Lake Nona because I've been here for so long and I love the people, but the Lord has called me to the land of Deltona and I must go. I've loved the time I've had to serve here as a Sister Training Leader. I've learned so much and become a much better person. (Shout out to my homies in the HCZ. I love y'all mucho) I'm excited for the new STLs to have this experience. I only wish they could see how much they will change! 

I am so excited to train again! (Congrats, Baby Anderson! You're a big sister!) I'm stressed out of my mind that I'll be white-washing with her, but I am confident that she will be fantastic, just like my first trainee. Those greenies are on fire, man! 

I can testify to you that I know my Heavenly Father knows me, loves me, and is so very aware of me. He knows that I'm trippin about going home and I don't want my mission to end. So He's making sure I have absolutely nothing to distract me from my missionary purpose these next 3 months. How I love Him. I am so excited to hit the ground running. I'm so pumped to sweat in the Florida heat and humidity and come home every night having to crawl into bed because I've worked my butt off in the day time. I'm excited to show this new Sister Missionary how great this work is. I'm so excited to work alongside the Lord and get people into the waters of baptism. 

"...I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God. Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever." (Alma 26:11-12) 

I love this work. I love it more than anything. I can't tell you how much I love being a missionary. I'd love to, but I have a butt-ton of stuff to pack... joy. 

Thank you for the love and support!

I love you all!
Peace out, Lake Nona! ✌🏼 

-Sister Yance

Monday, May 15, 2017

No makeup? No problem.

So this will be a very uneventful email because I've been on my deathbed all week. So my one week challenge of no makeup was a breeze... But here's this:

Monday the whole zone went to Wild Florida! That makes round 3 for me 🤗 It was dang hot. Holy crap. We got there first with all but one companionship of sisters. Elders are so slow. 😒
I stinkin love these sisters. 

We went into the birdcage thing again and these birds just flocked towards me! I felt like a Disney Princess! LOOK! 
Just call me Snow 💁🏻

After our typical p-day errands and shenanigans, we had dinner with the Molina family. They just moved into the ward so it was fun to get to know them. 

After that, we dropped by the home of someone we had picked up as an investigator like a month ago but haven't been able to get ahold of her. Her name is Ana and her husband is Dan. We got to talk to both of them for a while on their cute patio furniture. They have friends that are members and missionaries helped them move a couple of years ago. They're very comfortable in their church right now but they just don't know that the restored gospel can change his life! They are going to study the pamphlets we left with them and we're going to follow up in a couple of weeks. 👍🏼👍🏼

As I was sitting in this lesson with Dan and Ana, I felt like all of a sudden, I was hit by a truck. So I was sick all week. PURE JOY. 

Tuesday was miserable. I got some extra rest and after studies we were out and about. We did some finding but it wasn't very successful. But it's fine. 

We had dinner with the Northcutts and Sister Northcutt low-key tells us she gave a Book of Mormon to her neighbor that day. YOU GO GIRL. 🙌🏼 Member missionary work is the best. 

We tried to visit Kevin (the guy we met the first day of the transfer that's from Dallas), but he didn't answer the door. Sad day. We haven't had much success with him.. but its okay because we met his neighbor, Daniel and got to talk with him for a while! We also visited a lady named Lesvia that Sister Reid and I had met at the beginning of our time together. She was super nice and said she'd been reading from the Book of Mormon! But she's studying for some big physiology test she has to take in a couple of months so she can't meet with us. Boo. Someday. 

We got to teach my sweet friend Nelly! She is the best.

As we were leaving, we saw Khan, a lady we had met a few months ago. We got to teach her about the Restoration and she's letting us come back to share more! Yas.

Then I went home and passed out. 

Wednesday we went to service for a few hours. Caleb gave me a  fake rose with some earrings in it. It was so funny. Heidi made soup for lunch for everyone that day. It was so nice. It was just what I needed. Then I had to go home because I was beat. I'm a pathetic sick person. After my nap, we went to Nelly's again for her baptism interview. And guess what?? She passed! WOO! That's my girl! Ahh I love her. 

After that joyous occasion, we went to get me some medicine and we went home and made chicken noodle soup. It was SO dang good. There's nothing better than that when you're sick 😷 

Then I slept some more. 

Thursday I suffered through a district meeting and, you guessed it, went home and slept some more. Then we went and taught Josh and Bryanna. They're both slowly progressing, but we made some headway with this lesson. We were able to help them realize what their real concerns were. #giftofdiscernment

Friday I rested some more and we planned for our upcoming week. Which is the LAST WEEK OF THE TRANSFER. Sick. Gross. Ew. I can't. 

That night we taught Daniel, the one we met Tuesday. He's 25 and we weren't sure if he was interested in what we had to share or just in us... turns out he's got some super good questions and we were able to answer like 98% of them. I LOVE it when we can do that. Daniel is a way cool dude. 

We taught the Vega family more about the Book of Mormon. We shared some personal experiences of how the Book of Mormon has made an impact in our lives. I love that little book. It's amazing to see how much interest they've gained in the last few weeks. SUCCESS.

Then we taught Nelly. It was the last of the principles she needed to be taught before being baptized. She's all good to go! What a blessing. I am amazed at her progress. She reads every day in the Book of Mormon and she has just grasped on so tightly to the gospel. She's incredible. 

Saturday we attended a baptism of the Pleasant Hill/Kissimmee Sisters and it was so tender. It was a teenaged boy that was being baptized by another teenaged boy that was baptized just two months ago. Being able to witness Phillip's baptism was a precious moment. He was filled with pure joy when he came up out of the water. It was so sweet!!

After that we tried to contact a media referral, but had no success. 

Then we got to have lunch with my sweet friend Amanda!!! She is one of my recent converts from Bunnell!! President gave us permission to spend a little time with her while she was in the area. It was so sweet to be with my dear friend for that short amount of time. 
Can you see the love??

It was raining all afternoon, so we got a little damp as we did some finding/referral contacting. Totally worth it. I was just happy to be working. I hate not having the energy to do the work. **side rant: I will give a shout out to my awesome companion, though. She has been so patient and yet productive as I've been under the weather. She did some finding in our areabook and just all kinds of impressive things. You go girl** We met this funny guy named Tony. He's a super hippie. We told him we were looking for someone named Chris that lives on his street and he comes outside, walks to the end of his driveway, and looks up and down the street and says "nope! I don't know a Chris!" You should've been there.

We did some more finding and then we went to Wawa and I got myself a fruit punch Snapple because I deserved it okay. Man I love those things. 

That night, as we're relaxing from a long day of work, there was this loud BANG on the door. We have to text our district leader "in and safe" every night so they know we're home and nothing bad happened to us. If you don't text in, they'll usually call you and if you don't answer, they send someone to check on you. So when we heard the bang, I looked at Sister McIntosh and asked "did you text in?" Which was a stupid thing to ask because I knew she did. So she gets up to look through the peep hole and I asked who it was. "I dunno, some woman..?" So I open the door and.....
MY SWEET FRIEND KYLEE DAVIS (formerly known as Sister Davis, my bomb companion) GAVE ME A SURPRISE VISIT. These are shots from the video her sister took but videos are dis-o so y'all get these. 

Sunday was church! Nelly had to work at 12 and our ward starts at 11, but she wanted to go to church so we went with her to the ward at 9. So that made like 5 hours of church for us! But hey, I'd swim the ocean for Nelly. She's the bomb. 

We've got good genes. 

It was weird, taking it in that this was my last skype call home. I don't know where the time goes. 

Anyway. That's all I've got for ya. I'm still pretty low on fuel so I'm Audi 3000 ✌🏼 

God loves you and so do I. 

Also this happened this week, but I don't remember when...

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you moms out there! 
❤ Sister Yance