Monday, July 3, 2017

Missionary Work in the Digital Age πŸ‘Œ

Wuddup homies. It was another long week for your favorite sister missionary. But I'm fine with it. Time can slow down all it wants because........ MYLASTTRANSFERSTARTSTOMORROW. 

I thought if I said it fast it would feel better.. it doesn't. It still hurts. UGH I JUST WANT TO BE A FULL-TIME MISSIONARY FOREVER OKAY. 

Literally time has flown. I feel like it's only been like 2 months since Sisters Crowley and  Christensen picked me up from the Wetherbee chapel and took me to Palm Bay. TAKE ME BACK. πŸ˜­ πŸ˜­ πŸ˜­ 

Okay enough with the whining. Here's the weekly update:

MONDAY my favorite humans, Danielle and Mason, came and balled with us at PDay!! Danielle told us Mason was so excited he couldn't sleep the night before. So He walks up in the church like he owns the place and write this on the board: 

Well. He wasn't wrong... we played some three-on-three and he TOASTED me. Y'all I'm so out of shape... the dance studio is most definitely gonna kick my booty in a couple of months.. πŸ˜¬ 

We played horse, lightning... you name it, we played it. I remember when I was a kid and people would always say "where do you get so much energy?!" And I was all "what the heck do they mean??" Well.. now I know what they mean. πŸ’€ this kid wore me out! 

But we had a ball πŸ€ 
He's my fave. But he sure can talk trash...
He obviously hasn't heard the phrase "don't mess with Texas"... 

That night we had a lesson with Nina. She is having a tough time. I feel for the girl. She's just got a lot going on. Keep her in your prayers!

TUESDAY was all over the place... we had District Meeting and interviews with President Clark. I was having a rough day and I got to talk to Sister Clark for a while. Man I love her. It's just like having a mom here in the mission. Bless her. Then I had my interview with President. I just love him. He's the best. I truly feel my Heavenly Father's love each time he counsels me. I'm gonna miss the Clarks so bad..

After interviews we went to a less-active couple's home and helped them paint their house. That was fun.

We had dinner with Danielle and Mason that night. We just had a blast. We are all so dang close, I love it. We played this game called "The Ugliest Laugh". It's a hoot. You should try it sometime. Everyone just takes turns trying to laugh as hideous as they can and you all just end up laughing so much it hurts. 

After that we taught one of our less-actives, Kris and his girlfriend, Brittney. It was a really deep lesson. Brittney is not a member and at one point, she asked us "...what is the 'Atonement'?" Y'all. It got so intense. I put it on a real personal level for her and she said "woah. Just the way you said that was intense." Yes girl. That's the Spirit. She's got a lot of potential. And also Kris is improving really well. I love YSA.

WEDNESDAY we went to Heart and Hod folded a butt-ton of sheets again. After that, I had an appointment with a Chiropractor. My back is the literal worst. We had dinner with Sister Santiago and it was prime πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ We had coordination and that was pretty much our day...

THURSDAY WAS INTENSE. We covered SO much ground. It was SUCH a long day, but it was so refreshing. I told Sister Schwendinger that I wanted to be worn out by the end of that day, and I definitely got my wish. Literally it was hours of straight finding. We got 3 new investigators in one day! My favorite part was when we were finding around a media referral and this dude opened the door before we even knocked on it... okay. Well we had a really good conversation about the restoration and before we left, we asked why they opened the door so fast. The other guy said "honestly, I thought y'all were selling Girl Scout cookies..." πŸ˜‚ I would have done the same thing homie!! 

Also, this is Florida:
I call it "The Great Divide"

We had dinner with Bishop and his family that night and did a ton of coordinating for getting the ward excited to do missionary work! I'm pumped. 

Then we taught Danielle and Mason about fasting. It was such a sweet and tender lesson. We invited them to fast for something this Sunday, and Mason said "do I have to wait? Can I start tonight?" We told him he could. Danielle asked what he wanted to fast for and he said "I'm fasting for you!" Then the water works started. πŸ˜­ He is so sweet and tender. 

FRIDAY was SO busy. We had a lesson over Facebook chat (just the chat, not video) with Audra and Sister Johnson and it was AWESOME. She opened up SO much more than she does face-to-face. I love technology. 

Then we did a butt-ton of planning. We completely re-vamped our white board to help up be a lot more organized. Ah. I love being organized. 

Then that night I got to Skype in to a lesson with some of my favorite humans!
My sweet friend Josh was supposed to be baptized on Friday, June 30. Sadly, his guardian would not sign his baptism record... that broke my heart when I heard it. But Josh is keeping a positive attitude about it and is anxiously awaiting his 18th birthday. And guess what else? HE WANTS TO SERVE A MISSION. I love this guy!!! This was just a super spiritual lesson. I'm grateful for the technology we have so that I can continue to watch my people progress in the gospel. Y'all. All I can say is THE CHURCH IS TRUE. 

SATURDAY was busy too. We did a lot more yard work for our sweet friend, Rod. Then we tried to stop by a lot of less-active members but no one was home. What the heck. Oh also we got transfer calls and Sister Schwendinger and I are both staying πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ The Hermanas are both leaving and they're closing their area.. so when we picked them up, we went and got ice cream. It was needed. Them, because of their transfer news and me because...
I got a letter reminding me that these are my last 6 weeks..... πŸ˜­ 

Moving on. 

SUNDAY Rod came to church and so did Danielle! It was a glorious day to be a missionary. 

Well, that's the gist of it. I'm about outta time here. These weekly email things wear me out, I tell ya. I just hope y'all actually read these. 

Anyway. Yance out ✌🏼 

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